Pond Maintenance
After a long hard winter, most of the US is thankful to be finally heading into Spring. With the warmer weather upon us, pond owners should now be thinking about their annual spring startup. Many will completely drain their ponds, scrub out the muck and refill. This will be the time to start a maintenance program of beneficial bacteria treatments. Beneficial bacteria, such as American Pond dry bacteria, or Microbe-Lift PL formula will help the pond maintain clear and healthy water through the pond season. Some pond owners opt to treat their ponds year round with bacteria and will often skip a complete pond cleanout in the spring. These bacteria treatments will have consumed organic buildup all year long allowing their ponds to emerge from the winter virtually sludge free. 

To help kick off the pond season this year Graystone Creations is offering a 10% discount off all American Pond water treatments. Just click on Pond Care Water Treatment Products to see all water treatment we sell. Just enter PONDTREAT10 in the coupon code section of the shopping cart and the amount will be removed from your order. This savings ends on May 1, 2015. Our best wishes to you and your pond for a safe and happy season. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

John Olson, CEO
Graystone Industries, Inc. dba Graystone Creations

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