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EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads

Each of the 3 floating fountain head models comes with a distinct fountain nozzle pattern. Each nozzle is interchangeable and the nozzles are sold separately so you may change your fountain to different patterns if desired.

Build your own fountain!

  • Build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to this head
  • Ideal for use with existing lawn sprinkling pump
  • Inlet connection is 2" female threads
  • The spray nozzle threads on/off for easy cleaning
  • The fountain head has a 24" diameter high density float and a decorative float cover
  • Made in USA

Surface fountains are a popular choice when decorative looks are desired. Golf courses, parks, office buildings and housing developments are all common places you see fountains used. Many different spray patterns are available creating aesthetically pleasing looks while creating circulation and aeration. Since the fountain float on the surface, the circulation does not reach all the way to the bottom in deep applications which reduces their effectiveness.

Since fountains do create good water movement at the pond's surface, they are helpful in keeping pollen, duckweed, watermeal and other surface debris under control.

For use with existing large volume high pressure pumps (such as a lawn sprinkler pump). Customer must have or purchase pump to operate the fountain. Item should not be purchased without having or purchasing the required pump.

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