Last week I was on a business trip through Florida when I exited the turnpike with the gas gauge sitting well below empty. Approaching the exit light I quickly shot into the right hand turn lane having seen the gas station just up the road.

While waiting at the light, I looked over to the left hand lane and saw a man standing there. He was an older gentleman, clean cut and wearing a very worn but spotless military shirt. This man also had a metal leg. Perhaps what stood out most was this man's poise. He did not walk from car to car asking for money. Instead he stood stiff in a parade rest type stance while with one hand he held a small sign that simply said he was a veteran and "my family could use a little help".

Standing rigid he only moved when someone motioned him over where he limped up, and accepted their contribution with heartfelt thanks before resuming his previous stance.

I felt an immediate need to thank this man for protecting our country and help him out with a $20 bill. However this veteran could not cross over 2 lanes of traffic to me nor I to him. As the light changed, I was forced to make my turn and proceed to the gas station. Later, as I headed back to the on ramp the man was gone.

Getting back on the highway, I put that town and the veteran far behind me. Now, its true that I have no way to confirm this man was truly a veteran but I also had no specific reason to doubt him. Driving down the road I could not help but thinking how much I would have liked to have helped him in some way. It occurred to me that there are thousands of veterans all across the nation who served their country and have families who also could "use a little help" from time to time.

As a nation, we honor our servicemen on veterans day but surely they deserve more than a once a year pat on the back? As we all go about our daily routines celebrating our accomplishments and lamenting our setbacks, it is easy to overlook those who ensure our continued freedom and make our pursuit of happiness possible.

Today, I would like your help in thanking and supporting veterans all across the nation.

The link below will take you to the Hire Heroes USA web site. The CEO is Brian Stann, a 2 tour marine and silver star recipient as well as a former MMA fighting champ.
The organization exists with the single goal of providing servicemen with the skills and tools they need to find civilian employment. Their record of putting vets to work is amazing and with your support they can continue to help those who have helped us all in so many ways.

Please click on the link above to learn more about the great things Brian Stann and his group are doing. Each donation made helps keep our veterans working and with enough help we can get and keep our heroes working. Lets keep our heroes and their families safe and proud so they never have to be that Veteran at the Exit.

Please learn more and donate today.


To thank our customers who lend their support to this much needed organization, Graystone would like to recognize your contributions.

For donations placed between now and April 30th Graystone will provide a coupon code for $20 off your next purchase of $50 or more. 

Just send us a copy of your receipt from the organization dated between March 1st and April 30th and we will reply with our deepest thanks for your goodwill and will include the coupon code mentioned above.

Thank you in advance for your help. I know that by working together we can provide the men and women of our military the support and skills they need to transition into civilian life and into a career that ensures the health and well being of their families for many years to come.

John Olson- Graystone Industries

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