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The Veteran at the Exit

Posted by John Olson on 3/28/2016

Last week I was on a business trip through Florida when I exited the turnpike with the gas gauge sitting well below empty. Approaching the exit light I quickly shot into the right hand turn lane having seen the gas station just up the road.

While waiting at the light, I looked over to the left hand lane and saw a man standing there. He was an older gentleman, clean cut and wearing a very worn but spotless military shirt. This man also had a metal leg. Perhaps what stood out most was this man's poise. He did not walk from car to car asking for money. Instead he stood stiff in a parade rest type stance while with one hand he held a small sign that simply said he was a veteran and "my family could use a little help".

Standing rigid he only moved when someone motioned him over where he limped up, and accepted their contribution with heartfelt thanks before resuming his previous stance.

I felt an immediate need to thank this man for protecting our country and help him out with a $20 bill. However this veteran could not cross over 2 lanes of traffic to me nor I to him. As the light changed, I was forced to make my turn and proceed to the gas station. Later, as I headed back to the on ramp the man was gone...

Pond and Fountain Product Catalog

Posted by John Olson on 3/1/2016

We invite you to view our New 2016 Product Catalog...

Two Main Reason your Fountain Pump Fails

Posted by John Olson on 3/1/2016
The number one reason fountain pumps fail is lack of water. These pumps are magnetic drive pumps and are water cooled. If the pump is not fully under water when running at all times, it will burn out in just a few hours. Many customer have found that their pumps are placed just under the level of the water and that over the matter of days or a week the water level will drop from evaporation and will start sucking in a little air with the water...