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EasyPro Eco-Clear Complete Pressurized Pond Filters

The kits combine the new Eco-Clear UV Pressure Filters and Submersible Pond Pumps for complete pond filtration.


  • Eco-Clear Submersible Pond Pump
  • Eco-Clear Pressurized Pond Filter
  • Kink free tubing and clamps
Part# Max Pond Size Filter Pump Tubing Included
ECK13U 1300 gallons EC1300U EPS1300 10 ft. - 1" kink free
ECK13UDX 1300 gallons EC2600U EPS1300 25 ft. - 1-1/2" kink free
ECK26U 2600 gallons EC2600U EPS2500 25 ft. - 1-1/2" kink free
ECK39U 3900 gallons EC3900U EPS3700 25 ft. - 1-1/2" kink free
Fish load, feeding rates, amount of sunlight, and other factors affect actual maximum gallons filtered.
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