Atlantic ColorFalls Lighted Waterfalls

Approved Atlantic Water Gardens Reseller

Atlantic's Colorfalls is the first lighted weir specifically designed for water features. A perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pond-free applications, Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature - waterfalls with shimmering details in white, red, blue hues and color changing which provides 48 vibrant colors. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature day or night with Colorfalls.

Colorfalls Features:

  • Colorfalls cannot pass solids - water must be filtered
  • Colorfalls are intended for pond-free and treated water applications only
  • 5" lip extension
  • 12 volt outdoor transformer
  • 30' power cord
  • 1-year warranty
Free Ground Shipping Continental U.S. Only

Color Changing Colorfalls
Color changing colorfalls

Select Color:

12" Colorfalls
12 inch Atlantic Colorfalls

Select Color:

24" Colorfalls
24 inch Atlantic Colorfalls

Select Color:

36" Colorfalls
36 inch Atlantic colorfalls

Select Color:


Atlantic ColorFalls Pond Free Basins

Atlantic's Basins feature one piece construction, a filtered pump chamber and built-in plumbing channels to create the perfect reservoir, above or below ground, for all Colorfalls, Scuppers and Water Spouts. Add an optional Splash Mat to reduce splash, conserve water and ensure your pump remains submersed at all times.

Atlantic's Colorfalls Basins are perfect for hardscape installations or small pond-free waterfalls. The basins come in two different sizes and have built in plumbing channels to accommodate whatever the project. For a beautiful natural look cover the basin mat with gravel.

Atlantic Colorfalls Basins

Colorfalls Basin Features:

  • Pre-filtered pump chamber
  • One-piece construction
  • Built-in plumbing channels
  • Can be installed above or below grade
  • For use with Colorfalls, FastFalls and TW2 pumps
Atlantic Colorfalls Basin
Atlantic Colorfalls Basin

Select Basin Size:

Colorfalls Basin Splash Mat
Colorfalls Basin Splash Mat

Select Mat Size:

Matala Replacement Mat
Colorfalls Matala Mat

Select Mat Size:

Colorfalls Cleaning Kit
Atlantic Colorfalls Cleaning Kit
Atlantic ColorFalls Cleaning Kit - Designed to Clean Colorfalls

Replacement bulbs for your Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls. Replacement Colorfalls bulbs include bulb and transformer. Color Changing replacement bulb includes bulb, transformer and remote.

Color Changing Bulbs
Color Changing Atlantic Colorfalls Replacement Bulbs

Select Length:

Ice Blue Colorfalls Bulbs
Ice Blue Atlantic Colorfalls Replacement Bulbs

Select Length:

Fire Red Colorfalls Bulbs
Fire Red Atlantic colorfalls replacement bulbs

Select Length:

SOL White Colorfalls Bulbs
SOL White Atlantic colorfalls replacement bulbs

Select Length:

Crystal White Colorfalls Bulbs
Crystal White Atlantic colorfalls replacement bulbs

Select Length:
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