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PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps Fountain and Pond Pumps

Free bottle of Pumpguard included with Purchase

Pondmaster mag drive pumps are manufactured by Danner inc, one of the nations oldest and best known brands of magnetic drive pond and fountain pumps. Each of these energy efficient Pondmaster mag drive pond and water garden pumps comes with a 3 year MFG warranty. The Danner mag pump is among our customers favorites due to its reasonable price, brand name, and long lasting nature. Pond, fountain and watergarden magnetic drive pumps available from 190 to 3600 GPH.

All Danner Pond Pumps include a FREE 4 oz. Bottle of Pondmaster Pumpguard Pump Cleaner

PONDMASTER PUMPGUARD is what the industry has been waiting for... An easy maintenance solution to keep water pumps running like new. Pumpguard quickly cleans calcified, dirty pumps within minutes and comes in a convenient Impeller Treatment size or two Soak/Dunk Treatment sizes. Danner recommends consumers to use Pumpguard every six months to insure proper operation of their pumps.