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The following are some of the different brands of pond pumps we have available: Shinmaywa pond pump, Easypro pumps, Savio water pumps, Little Giant pond pumps, Atlantic waterfall pumps, plus much more. We also sell high-end specialty external pumps and pond supplies. From the gentle trickle of the smallest fountain to the heart-pounding roar of the largest waterfall, the success of any water feature is dependent upon the pond pump used in its construction. Many different types of submersible pond pumps exist to help you create the perfect effect in your pond or fountain installation. Among the most popular pumps, today are submersible magnetic drives pumps, direct-drive pumps, and the newer hybrid magnetic asynchronous pumps. We will look at the similarities and the differences between these three pump types and will look at the benefits and drawbacks of each. Read the full article...

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For Fountain pump needs such as American Pond, Aquatop, Danner MFG, Fountain Tubing, Misters, Finger Lights and much more, visit our Fountain Pumps and Supplies page.


Pump Friction Loss Chart

pond pump friction loss chart
Feet of head is typically measured in terms of vertical lift. However the diameter and length of pipe can have a significant effect on the performance of the pump as well. (Especially if the pipe diameter is too small). A pump must have the power to not only push the water up to the vertical height of the waterfall, but to also overcome the friction loss created by the pipe. In most small ponds, with short pipe runs, friction loss is not typically a problem. However, in a feature with long streams or high flow rates, friction loss can have a big impact on the performance of the pump. To determine the Total Dynamic head you would add the feet of head and the friction loss. The chart lists the feet of head equivalent created by flow and pipe diameter. (Figures shown are based on a 100' length of pipe.) To view the Friction Loss Chart Click on this Link
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