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pond water treatment

How to reduce your pond maintenance and help keep water clear?

Algae forms in a pond when sunlight reacts with nutrients in the water. These nutrients are comprised of primarily Ammonia and Nitrate which you may recognize as the ingredients in fertilizer. These nutrients result from the breakdown of debris such as leaves, grass, and other windblown organic matter as well as from fish waste and uneaten fish food. As these items decompose the nutrients become the food for algae in many forms including string algae that covers rocks and clings to the surface of your pond as well as the usual green water also called pea soup effect. There are several ways to control your pond water and keep it crystal clear. Read more...How to control pond algae





Algaecides for Large Ponds and Lakes









Pond Water Test Kit

How to Properly use a Pond Water Test Kit

Those of us in the business understand that in spite of our best efforts a customers pond paradise may turn into a nightmare if they do not perform some basic maintenance tasks. To make sure our customers ponds remain a welcome retreat from an otherwise stressful world we educate them about proper feeding amounts, how to flush the filter or rinse the pads, how to keep away predators, proper circulation, and basic plant and fish care tips. Read the full article
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