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EasyPro Platinum Koi & Goldfish Food Max Growth & Color 5lb Bag

EasyPro Platinum Koi & Goldfish Food Max Growth & Color 5lb Bag
Easypro Platinum Food Max Growth and Color. Image shows the 20oz Canister and 5lb Bag (please note that in this listing we are selling the 5lb bag only)
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EasyPro Max Growth & Color 5lb Bag

Max Growth & Color Koi & Goldfish Food provides a high performance diet designed for growing fish.

EasyPro fish food has combined the latest in ingredients and technology to give you a superior fish diet. Developed through decades of research, these diets are fed by leading breeders and producers with consistently great results!

  • Contains stabilized vitamin C and brewers yeast to promote fish development
  • Formulated for easy digestibility minimizing waste from fish
  • Contains all natural nutritional supplement designed to improve disease resistance
  • A high performance diet designed for growing fish
  • Fortified with Spirulina and other marine ingredients for maximum color
  • Excellent floatability and does not cloud water
  • 3.0 mm (1/8") floating pellet, ideal for young fish
  • 42% Protein, 6% Fat, 3% Fiber and 11% Moisture

When to Feed Your Fish:

Fish can be fed one to three times a day and only as much as they can consume in five minutes. Max Growth & Color Koi and Goldfish Food can be fed when water temperatures are consistently above 50° F (10° C). When water temperatures are below 50° F (10° C) use EasyPro Cold Water Koi $amp; Goldfish Food. Stop feeding fish altogether when water temperatures fall below 39° F (4° C).

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