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  • Fawn Lake Fountains
    The biggest fountain displays at the best prices. Our fountains are simple and practical and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

  • Fountain Pump and Supply
    Submersible pumps and fountain makign supplies. Free consultation!

  • Wholesale supplier for submersible pumps
    Pond pumps, fountain pumps, and aquarium pumps.

  • Big Ass Towels
    We are also extremely proud to offer high quality, extra large, 100% cotton beach towels and bath towels.

  • JBK Trading Company
    For fantastic savings on a wide line of Designer Fragrances, Cosmetics, Health and Beauty care, Watches, Sunglasses and even Sports memorabilia visit JTK Trading web site. They even ship international!

  • Relaxing Decor
    Unique selection of handcrafted fountains and pond supplies

    We make hammered copper waterfalls, copper tabletop indoor fountains, and copper birdfeeders for the home and garden.

  • Indoor Water Fountain Information

    First time buyers looking to add a fountain to their homes or businesses often are overwhelmed with the selection and variety of water fountains available. To help make heads or tales of all of these choices we’ve created this quick overview of some of the choices you will be faced with during your water fountain shopping experience.

    The first thing to distinguish is weather you are looking for an outdoor or indoor water fountain. Some fountains can be used for both but most waterfalls are designed for one or the other. Outdoor fountains such as the ones found here on are specifically designed for outdoor use and can offer customers more durable pumps designed to withstand the inevitable particles and debris associated with outdoor fountains. Click for more information about outdoor pond pumps.

    For customers looking for indoor water fountains there are three major classifications, floor fountains, wall fountains and table fountains. Table fountains, also called desk fountains are small affordable fountains that are perfect for bringing the soothing sound of water to rooms on a budget. Floor water fountains are larger fountains that can range from about three feet high to ten feet high and are commonly placed in corners or used as room dividers. Wall fountains can also vary drastically in size and are designed to hang like a picture on wall with out the need for structural modification to the wall itself.

    All indoor water fountains do not require plumbing. The water simply circulates through the fountain and back into the water storage area called a reservoir. We recommend that you change the water in the reservoir every few months and add water treatment as need for your needs. Indoor water fountains that are subjected to lots of natural sunlight tend to need more water treatment and regular treatment due to increased algae growth.
We are also extremely proud to offer high quality, AMERICAN MADE, extra large, 100% cotton beach towels.
For our full line of beach and bath towels, please visit BIG ASS TOWELS.