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Easypro Alpha Liner

EasyPro Alpha Pond Liner
EasyPro Alpha Pond Liner Logo
  • Fish Grade and UV Stable certified
  • A quality PVC lining option for hard-to-get EPDM liner
  • Easy to seam with single-step adhesive
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Customizable for all pond sizes
  • 30 mil
  • 10 Year warranty

The fish grade, UV stable Alpha Liner offers an easy to work with material that conforms well to all pond shapes. Available in common roll sizes, 6.5' core lengths for easy storage on your liner rack systems as well as a boxed option, ideal for easy retail and online sales.
It is also available in custom factory fabricated panels, up to 25,000 sq ft, ideal for large pond applications. This is one of the most easy to seam liners on the market, avoiding the hassle of seam tape or heat welding.