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PondMaster 20 Watts UV UltraViolet Clarifier/Sterilizer

PondMaster 20 Watts UV UltraViolet Clarifier/Sterilizer
Pondmaster 20 Watt Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier
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PONDMASTER UV UNITS CAN BE USED BOTH IN AND OUT OF YOUR POND. The unobtrusive black color of the UV unit allows for better blending into the pond or background. Each UV unit also comes with one or more of the patented “Halo ring” This soft blue glow shows the unit is working but does not detract from the beauty of your pond. Pondmaster Ultraviolet Clarifiers/Sterilizers are designed with a unique vortex swirl pattern to increase the length of time the water stays in contact with the UV light. The longer the contact time the more effectively the unit will operate.
TIPS FOR OPERATION: To ensure the proper clarification of your pond water with your PondMaster UV please make sure you obtain a unit capable of clarifying the volume of water in your pond. The Pondmaster UV units are available in 10, 20, and 40 watt models capable of treating up to 6000 Gallon ponds. Multiple units may be used for larger ponds. Read all directions and make sure the pump selected to operate your UV does not exceed the maximum volume of flow for the unit. The slower the flow the more effectively your unit will operate. Too much flow will move the water too quickly through the UV unit and the water will not have a long enough contact time with the UV bulb to sterilize the water.

Pondmaster 20 Watt Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Specifications:

  • Suitable for medium ponds up to 3000 gallons using pumps up to 1800 gph.
  • Fully submersible unit's vortex flow design exposes
  • Two Glowing monitor halo ring™ visible from any angle immediately shows it is working
  • Comes complete with 9000 hour, 20 watt lamp, the longest lamp life available, and water tight quartz sleeve
  • Includes transformer and 18' grounded power cord
  • Black color is unobtrusive whether used in or out of the water
  • 1" barbed fitting for inlet and outlet

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