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Firestone PondGard EPDM Applications

Superior performance in a variety of applications

PondGard is engineered to provide dependable performance in a wide variety of applications including:

Decorative Water Feature Applications

  • Residential & Commercial Ponds
  • Streams & Waterfall Features
  • Golf Course Ponds & Lakes
  • Landscape Application
Firestone’s PondGard membrane contours easily with the sub-terrain of riverbeds, waterfalls and pools alike. Resistant to microbial attack and algae growth and requiring minimum maintenance once installed, PondGard is particularly suitable for use in the construction of landscape ponds and water features designed to enhance office complexes, golf courses and recreational parks.

Industrial Applications

  • Canals
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams
  • Dam Rehabilitation
PondGard is a cost-effective lining system for irrigation ponds and canals, reservoirs and dams. The success of PondGard in these applications is due to its proven durability, unique physical properties and ease of installation. Whether earthen or concrete constructed, PondGard is the ideal membrane for water conservation and erosion control.

Agriculture/Aquaculture Applications

  • Stock Tank Liners
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Fire Control Water Ponds
  • Wildlife Enhancement Ponds
  • Shrimp & Fish Farms
PondGard is specifically formulated for safe, long-term exposure to fish and plant life and provides clean drinking water for livestock. In agricultural applications PondGard has proven resistant to damage from large animal traffic including cattle, deer and elk. In aquaculture applications PondGard provides a safe environment for aquatic life, ensuring improved health and increased productivity. PondGard is the fish and animal friendly liner. To be sure you are getting the PondGard fish friendly membrane, look for the special blue packaging with the Firestone PondGard logo.

Environmental Applications

  • Floating Covers
  • Landfill Covers
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Wetlands
PondGard’s unique properties make it perfect for extreme weather conditions. For over 25 years, it has performed successfully in a wide range of climates including tropical, desert and arctic conditions. Extremely resistant to UV rays, PondGard is ideal for both subsurface and exposed applications. Flexibility and durability are key aspects in selecting a liner for environmental applications. From snow reservoirs in the mountains to water conservation in the desert, PondGard is the liner of choice.