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EasyPro Vianti Falls Waterfall Spillway Instructions - Printable PDF Version

Thank you for your purchase of the Vianti Falls stainless steel spillway from EasyPro. Please read through all instructions before beginning assembly of your Vianti Falls spillway.

Installation Considerations

  • Vianti Falls spillways are rated for ten gallons per minute (600 gallons per hour) per foot of width.
  • At the recommended flow rate water should not drop more than 4' from the edge of the spillway to the top of the reservoir. If the spillway is placed higher than 4' the water sheet will begin to break apart.

General Installation Instructions

These instructions describe a typical application of a Vianti Falls spillway. Contact a water feature professional for unique and custom applications

Step 1 Determine the placement of the Vianti Falls spillway. The spillway is designed to be placed approximately 12" to 48" above the basin. The spillway must be level in order for the water to form into a sheet. If the spillway is installed on a tilt the water will pour over the edge towards one side.

Step 2 Once the spillway placement has been determined in the block wall, the block will need to be cut to allow for the plumbing connections on the back of the spillway. Depending on the look desired, the block that goes around the spillway may need to be cut to ensure proper leveling and look of the spillway in the wall. The type of block being used will determine the method used. A lentil may be required for longer spillways or in walls that would require additional weight bearing support. The spillway should be “dry fit” to ensure the spillway is level from side to side and front to back.

NOTE: Use appropriate tools and extreme care when cutting block. Consult block manufacturer for cutting recommendations. Consult a qualified professional for specific installation requirements and codes.

easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure1

Step 3 EasyPro LED light strips may be purchased separately. The LED light bar will fit snuggly into the back of the spillway. There are brackets on the ends of the light bars for use in other applications. If necessary, a small amount of silicone can be used as an adhesive to hold the bar in place.

easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure3

Step 4 The cord for the LED light strip can be tucked into the notch in the spillway. A dab of silicone should be used to seal the notch on opposing side. Tuck the cord between the blocks to run the cord to the power source.

NOTE: Light may need to be removed for service, permanent installations may not be the best option.
easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure4

Step 5 The dual inlet units can be supplied with one mainline. Picture is for illustration only. Application may vary from image shown. Mainline larger than 1" may be required for spillways with multiple inlets. This will ensure adequate flow rates to all inlets, while being able to control the overall flow with a single ball valve in the mainline. Consult with a water feature installer for proper plumbing application.

Step 6 Use a 1" PVC male adaptor connect spillway to the flexible PVC pipe. Wrap the threads of the PVC male adaptor with Teflon tape and thread into the spillway inlet(s). Determine the placement of additional fittings (elbows, tees, and extra pipe). Cut and glue all the pieces together to fit the application.
easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure5

Step 7 A single ball valve in the main supply is recommended to control the flow rate to spillway.
easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure6

Step 8 Make sure fittings are properly installed, fill the basin with water. The spillway should be tested for proper operation when the wall construction allows. Before final wall installation and covering the basin with rock, the proper flow of the water fall should be adjusted (if needed) with the ball valve.
easypro vianti falls spillway instructions figure7

Step 9 Once proper adjustment of the spillway has be determined. Finish construction of the block wall and any other decorative stone covering the basin. Be sure to leave an area for a splash mat on the basin where the water naturally wants to fall. This will reduce splash and help retain water in the system.

Spillway Care

The water used in a Vianti Falls system may be treated with a liquid algaecide to help prevent odors and keep the water clear. The spillways are approved for use in saltwater pools, however, the use of chlorine is not recommended as this may have negative impact on the submersible pump and other parts used in the system.

If water flow appears to be less than normal water may need to be added to the basin (bubbles in the waterfall typically indicate low water in the basin). A physical inspection of the pump may be necessary. Clean off any debris that may have accumulated on the pump housing or inside the pump. Consult instructions of pump for more information.

While staining on the spillway should not be an issue a light abrasive cleaning pad can remove many stains or discolorations that occur.


In freezing climates the pump will need to be removed from the reservoir in the winter. The stainless steel spillway does not need to be removed for the winter. Water naturally drains from the spillway when the pump is not in use.

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