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EasyPro Vianti Falls HB11K Waterfall Kits Instructions


easypro vianti falls kit hb11k instructions

EasyPro Vianti Falls 11" Waterfall Kits -

2" Lip Models: HB11K, HB11KW, HB11KB, HB11KC

6" Lip Models: HB11KEX, HB11KWEX, HB11KBEX, HB11KCEX


EasyPro Vianti Falls 11" Waterfall Kit Instructions - Printable PDF Version

Thank you for your purchase of the Vianti Falls system from EasyPro. Please read through all instructions before beginning assembly of your Vianti Falls system. Be sure that all components are included before assembly.

Vianti Falls Kit Parts List:

  • 29" Rectangle Basin (24" x 291/2" x 131/2"h): 1 - RBH29
  • Vianti Falls Spillway: 1 – SSS11 or 1 - SSS611 (single inlet)
  • Pump: 1 – EP850 (3 yr. warranty, 16' cord)
  • LED Light: (15' cord) with 10 watt transformer HB11K (EX) (No light)
  • HB11KB (EX): LED11CB (blue light) HB11KW (EX)– LED11WW (white light)
  • 1" Flexible black PVC pipe: 6'
  • Pump discharge assembly with ball valve: 1
  • PVC Glue: 4 oz 1
  • 1" PVC male adaptor (mpt x slip): 1
  • 1" PVC 90 deg elbow (slip x slip): 1
  • 3/4" Bulkhead fitting: 1
  • 3/4" Swivel Fitting (fht x mpt): 1
  • 3/4" x 1" Reducing Male Adapter (mpt x slp): 1

easypro vianti falls hb11k parts

Step 1

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure1

Determine the placement of the Vianti Falls system. Prepare the base for the 24" x 291/2" basin by properly com- pacting and level- ing the area. The Vianti Falls spillway is designed to be placed approxi- mately 12" to 30" above the basin. The center of the spillway and the basin must be aligned. The spillway must be positioned in the wall to allow for the lip to protrude past the wall at least 11/4" (assuming the wall is plumb). This is to ensure water will land in the 6" x 19" splash mat included with the basin.

Step 2

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure2

When building the block wall, a section of wall must be left out to accommodate the plumbing and electrical cord for the pump.

Step 3

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure3

Once the spillway placement has been determined in the block wall, the block will need to be cut to allow for the plumbing connec- tions on the back of the spillway. Use appropri- ate tools and extreme care when cutting block. Consult block manufacturer recommendations for properly cutting block being used.

Step 4

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure4

If the lighting option is purchased the LED light strip can be fitted into the back of the spillway. There are brackets on the ends of the light bars with holes in them. These brackets are for other applications. The LED light bar should fit snug- gly into the back of the spillway. If necessary, a small amount of silicone can be used as an adhesive to hold the bar in place.

Step 5

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure5

The block that goes around the spillway will need to be cut to ensure proper leveling and look of the spill- way in the wall. The type of block being used will determined the methods used. A lentil may be required for longer spillways or in walls that would re- quire additional weight bearing support. Consult a qualified professional for specific installation requirements and codes. The spillway should be “dry fit” to ensure the spillway is level from side to side and front to back.

Step 6

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure6

Once the spillway is level and “dry fit” the plumbing can now be fitted. Use the 1" PVC male adaptor and the fittings provided to connect spillway to the flexible PVC pipe. Wrap the threads of the PVC male adaptor with Teflon tape and thread into the spillway inlet(s). Determine the placement of additional fittings (elbows, tees, and extra pipe). Cut and glue all the pieces together to fit the application.

Step 7

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure7

The cord for the LED light strip can be tucked into the notch in the spillway. A dab of silicone should be used to seal the notch on opposing side. Tuck the cord between the blocks to run the cord to the power source.

Step 8

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure8

Run the 1" black flexible PVC through the hole previously provided in the block wall. Carefully measure and cut PVC pipe to proper length. Take extra care to verify the spillway has remained in its level position while measuring and cutting the pipe.

Step 9

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure9

Assemble the pump discharge assembly into the 3/4" bulkhead fitting in the side of the basin. Make sure the bulkhead is installed so the rubber gasket is inside the tub and the nut with the plastic washer is outside the tub. Take care not to cross thread or over tighten the pump outlet assembly. Since this connection should always be below water, Teflon tape and over tightening is not required.

Step 10

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure10

Install the 3/4" swivel fitting onto the pump then carefully lower the pump into the basin. Connect the pump discharge assembly with the 3/4" swivel fitting and ensure all connections are snug.

Step 11

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure11

Install reducing male adaptor in bulkhead fitting on outside of basin. Wrap male threads of fitting with Teflon tape. Before gluing black flexible PVC pipe verify all fittings are tight. Place basin into position, cut the black flexible PVC pipe to length and glue into reducing male adaptor.

Step 12

properly installed, fill the basin with water. Install basin supports and lid according to basin assembly instructions. The spillway should be tested for proper operation when the wall con- struction allows. Before final wall installation and covering the basin with rock, the proper flow of the waterfall should be adjusted (if needed) with the ball valve on the pump discharge assembly.

Step 13

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure12

Once proper adjustment of the spillway has be determined, put the pump cover in place. The power cord for the pump can run through the notch in the pump cover. The pump cover can be placed in position as shown or reversed. Place the splash mat underneath the waterfall.

Step 14

easypro vianti falls hb11k figure13

Finish construction of the block wall and any other decorative stone covering the basin. Be sure to leave rock off the area of the splash mat on the basin where the water naturally wants to fall. This will reduce splash and help retain water in the basin.