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EasyPro TLS Spirit Pond Pumps Operation Manual


easypro spirit pond pump manual

EasyPro TLS Spirit Pond Pump Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version

Thank you for purchasing the Spirit Pond & Stream pump from EasyPro. These pumps are designed for continuous duty use in small ponds, statuary, Just-A-Falls, etc. A great choice for ponds with light debris laden water.


  • Can be run in vertical or horizontal positions for compact applications
  • Oil-less design, fish and plant safe
  • Impeller designed for passing debris up to 1/4" diameter
  • 1¼" female threaded outlet with a 1¼" x 1½" elbow included
  • Triple sealed 115v motors with 18 month warranty
  • Automatic overload and thermal protection with self reset
easypro tls series pump figure1

Safety & Electrical Connections

1. danger symbol Always disconnect the electricity supply before handling, maintaining, repairing or installing any pond equipment.

2. Always make sure you know the correct amps and voltage required before installing.

3. Use dedicated power outlet only. Sharing the outlet with other equipment may cause overheating and fire.

4. EasyPro TLS pumps come in 115 volt only.

5. Always connect to a Ground Fault Circuit (GFCI) to prevent electrical shock. Never submerge connecting power cable plug in water.

6. danger symbol Never let the pump run without water as this will damage the impeller, over heat and possibly burn out the pump. This pump must stay submerged entirely when operating. If used in a skimmer, the debris net must be kept clean to ensure adequate water flow to pump. Running pump low on water will cause overheating, premature failure and will void warranty.

7. Do not use this product in bathrooms or swimming pools.

8. Do not let the water level in your water feature fall below the top of the pump body.

9. All electrical work must be performed by a qualified technician. Always follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) or the Canadian Electrical Code as well as all local, state and provincial codes. Code questions should be directed to your local electrical inspector. Failure to follow electrical codes and OSHA safety standards may result in personal injury or equipment damage. Failure to follow manufactur- er’s installation instructions may result in electrical shock, fire hazard, personal injury or death, damaged equipment, provide unsatisfactory performance and may void manufacturer’s warranty.

10. Do not attempt to disassemble pump during the warranty period. If there are any questions please contact your local EasyPro dealer.

11. Never use an extension cord or tamper with power cord. Power cord cannot become bent, twisted, abraded or cut. A damged cable may cause electric leakage, shock or fire.

12. The motor has a built-in protection system which stops the pump when overheating occurs due to excessive load or low water, this can be caused by clogging at inlet/outlet or when flucuations occur in power supply. The cooling time is roughly 15 to 20 minutes, then the pump will automatically come back on. If the overload is tripped, it is essential to identify and remedy the cause of the overheating.


  • Do not paint casing, over heating may occur
  • Lift only by handle, not by power cable or float switch
  • Do not hang pump in water, install on solid flat base in upright or horizontal position
  • Install proper outlet adapter for pipe or hose
  • Make sure that power cable plug and power outlet are away from water and water discharge pipe/hose.


1. danger symbol Do not start operation with people standing near intake or outlet.

2. Do not operate out of water.

3. Pump must remain fully submersed.

4. Only use pump for circulation, transfer or removal of water with limited solids 1/4" or smaller.

5. Do not pump oil, salt water, sewage, food or chemical liquids.

6. Do not allow dry operation

7. Do not allow foreign objects to clog or enter intake

8. In case of power outage, turn off power switch to avoid damage when power is restarted.

9. If excessive vibration occurs turn off power immediately.

Service & Maintenance

1. danger symbolDisconnect all power supplies before inspection or service to avoid possible electrical shock.

2. The pump should be removed from the pond on a regular basis, cleaned and checked over for damage to prolong the life of the pump.

3. Clean the impeller and intake screen when the flow is visibly reduced.

4. Clean the pump and impeller with clean fresh water.

5. Check inside the impeller housing for large debris or algae, which could reduce the flow.

6. Check and tighten nuts and bolts if required, refer to dealer for advice on other repairs.

7. Winterization/Storage: When the pump is out of use for extended time - wash and dry it then store indoors in a non-freezing location. It is best to store in a bucket with about an 8" water depth. It is essential to prevent any risk of the pump freezing.

8. If the pump is left in water but not operating regularly, test run it at least once a week.

Trouble Shooting

Before taking any trouble shooting action, disconnect pump from the power supply. If there is any damage to the power cord or pump, repairs or replacements must be handled by EasyPro or a qualified party.

Does not start

  • Make sure power cord is plugged in
  • Float (not included) may not be moving freely, increase depth

Does not shut-off

  • Pump is not disabled by float (not included), make sure float can move freely


  • Line circuit breaker is off, fuse is burned or loose
  • Pump cord is not making contact in receptacle

Running, no water

  • Suction grid or piping are clogged
  • Impeller is worn or stuck
  • Required head is too high for the pump specifications
  • Water level is too low

Running, very little water

  • Pump is air-locked, start and stop several times by plugging and unplugging cord, check for clogged vent hole
  • Vertical pumping distance is too high or the pipe size is too small
  • Inlet or impeller clogged
  • Low water conditions with pump sucking air

GFCI breaker tripping

  • Mechanical seals may need to be replaced
  • Power cord may be damaged and getting wet
  • Nuisance trip due to improper grounding
  • Overloaded circuit

Motor briefly starts and stops

  • Low water conditions, pump overheating
  • Inlet or impeller clogged
  • Improper power supply

Pumps stops

  • Make sure water being pumped is not too dense, causing the pump to overheat.
  • Clear obstructions on impeller
  • Check power supply to comply with nameplate data
  • Wait for pump to cool, correct reason for overheating, plug back in and resume operation


easypro spirit pond pump figure2

Discharge 1¼" fpt • Elbow 1½" fpt

Voltage 115v, 60 hz • Power Cord 20'

Part # GPH Watts HP Max
(H x W x D)
TLS1850 1850 260 1/4 2.4 21' 10½"H x 5½"W x 6"D
TLS2750 2750 370 1/3 3.4 29' 10½"H x 5½"W x 6"D
TLS4250 4250 820 1/2 7.6 33' 12"H x 5½"W x 6"D