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EasyPro Submersible Trash Pump Manual


easypro trash pumps manual

Operation • Safety • Warranty

This manual covers part numbers: ETP05, ETP10

EasyPro Submersible Trash Pumps Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version

This submersible trash pump handles sand, solids, leaves, algae and other debris up to 3 / 8" x 1" in size. Ideal for waterfalls where algae and leaves are a problem, recirculating systems where solids removal is needed, dewatering applications where sand and sludge are being pumped, or any other dirty or clean water application where a high quality, continuous duty pump is needed. Pump includes a 2" MPT discharge, 115v motor, 20' power cord and two year limited warranty.


  • Do not paint casing as overheating may occur
  • Lift only by handle - not by power cable
  • Do not hang water pump in water
  • Install on a solid fl at base in upright position
  • Install proper outlet adapter for pipe or hose
  • Discharge end of pipe or hose must be above water level
  • Make sure that power cable plug and power outlet are away from water, water discharge pipe or hose


  • Turn off power supply or circuit breaker before connecting power cable plug
  • Do not start operation with people standing near intake or outlet
  • Do not operate when suspended in air
  • Use pump only for circulation, transfer or removal of water or waste water
  • Do not pump oil, salt water or chemical liquids


  • Use dedicated power outlet only
  • Sharing the outlet with other equipment may cause over heating and fire
  • Install in accordance with all applicable safety regulations
  • Installation to be performed by qualified electrician
  • Do not use without proper grounding or electrical shock may occur

Power Cord:

  • Do not use an extension cord
  • Never submerge connecting power cable in water
  • Do not tamper with the power cord
  • Do not use adapter that is not grounded
  • Make sure power cable does not become bent, twisted, abraded or cut
  • Do not allow power cable to come in contact with heated surface
  • Damaged cable may cause electric leakage, shock or fire


  • Do not allow dry operation
  • Do not allow foreign objects to enter intake
  • n case of power outage, turn off power switch to avoid damage when power resumes
  • If excessive vibration occurs turn off power immediately

Protection System:

The motor has a built in protection system which stops the pump when overheating occurs, due to excessive load. Load could be caused by clogging at inlet or outlet and when a fluctuation in the power supply occurs.

Water Level:

  • Never operate below minimum water level which is 6" above base level (about half way submerged)
  • Continuous operation water level is at least 14" above base level (submerged)
  • Operate for a maximum of thirty minutes if water level is between 6" and 14"


  • Always turn off power and remove power outlet plug from power outlet before performing inspection
  • Check regularly for drop in performance and remove any clogged material from inlet area, outlet hose and pipe
  • Check and tighten nuts and bolts if required
  • Check with dealer for advice on other repairs

Pump Storage:

  • When the pump is out of use for an extended period - wash it, dry it and store indoors
  • Do not leave pump outdoors in freezing conditions
  • If the pump is left in water but not operating regularly, test run it at least once a week

Disassembly and Reassembly:

  • Do not attempt to disassemble pump during warranty period
  • If impeller replacement is required, contact dealer for service

easypro trash pump figure1


  • Automatic overload and thermal protection with self reset
  • Aluminum motor housing
  • Top housings made of engineering composite with glass fiber
  • reinforcement, bottom housing is made of cast iron
  • Wear resistant TPU impeller
  • High precision mechanical shaft seals
  • Available in manual or automatic models

ETP05 - 2" outlet, 400w, 1 / 2 HP, 3600 GPH, 20' cable

ETP10 - 2" outlet, 750w, 1 HP, 5700 GPH, 20' cable


  • This product is warranted against any mechanical or material defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase (impellers are a wear item and are not covered by warranty).
  • This warranty does not cover accidental damage to the product due to abuse or negligence by the consumer.
  • In the event of a warranty claim, please return the pump postage prepaid with the original receipt for repair or exchange. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt. You must call EasyPro for an RA number before returning 800-448-3873.
  • The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any damages caused by defective components or materials of this pump; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential / incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this product.
  • The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this product.

This pump must stay submerged entirely when operating. If used in a skimmer, the debris net must be kept clean to ensure adequate water flow to pump. Running pump low on water will cause overheating and premature failure which is not covered under warranty.

Each year we receive numerous pumps back that simply have a small stone lodged in the impeller, are plugged from lack of cleaning or do not work due to low voltage caused by an overloaded circuit. These are not warranty items. Please take the time to verify your problem is actually a defective pump before returning. EasyPro will pay postage to return pump to you provided it is a warranty issue. If you send a pump in for warranty and it checks out fine — you will also be responsible for the cost of return postage.