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EasyPro Shallow Pond Aeration Kits Operation Manual


EasyPro PA Series Shallow Water Aeration Kits Instructions for:


easypro shallow water aeration kits


EasyPro Shallow Water Aeration Kits Aeration Kits Manual - Printable PDF Version


Thank you for your purchase of an EasyPro shallow water pond aeration system. EasyPro complete aeration systems are designed to be an energy efficient way to aerate, de-stratify and circulate water in ponds. The in- crease in oxygen levels provided by an aeration system is beneficial to any pond but especially to ponds with fish. These kits are ideal for ponds up to seven feet deep.

Each aeration system is powered by a quiet, continuous duty compressor and includes tubing, air diffuser and parts to assemble.

Safety and Electrical

danger electrical symbolWARNING: Risk of electrical shock. For your protection always unplug the unit from its power source before installing or servicing.

danger electrical symbolWARNING: This compressor is solely intended to pump air. It is not for use with oil, solvents or any petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, etc.).

  • Always use a properly grounded AC outlet. Keep plug end from moisture and do not attempt to plug in a wet plug.
  • Avoid using extension cords to operate compressor.
  • Provide a “drip loop” for the line cord. This is a loop in the cord below the level of the receptacle or plug that prevents water from traveling along the cord into the receptacle.
  • Be sure that a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is installed in the branch circuit supplying the aquarium, fountain or pond equipment.
  • Unit should be installed horizontally and above the height of water surface.
  • Do not submerse compressor. Do not place compressor where it could fall into water.
  • Do not operate if power cord is damaged.
  • Use extreme caution when operating in winter. Danger due to thin ice can cause drowning. Unseen cur- rents can cause thin ice in areas long distances away from diffuser operation. Provide adequate warning for others using a pond with a diffused aeration system.
  • Always wear a Coast Guard approved life vest when working in or near water and follow all safety guidelines.

Note: EasyPro Pond Products is not responsible for losses, injury or death as a result of failure to follow these safety warnings, misuse or abuse of equipment.

Shallow Water Pond Aeration Kit Features:

Kit Part # Max. Pond Size Compressor Warranty Max CFM Max. Recommended Depth
PA6SWN 3/8 Acre 2 Years 2.5 cfm 7 feet
PA8SWN 3/4 Acre 2 Years 5.2 cfm 7 feet

Pond shape, depth and condition affect actual maximum pond size.
*Compressors may perform in slightly deeper water, but this is the recommended maximum depth. With deeper water and longer tubing runs the rubber diaphragms will wear out sooner and require replacement more frequently as a wear item. For longer tubing runs an increase in the diameter of the tubing may be necessary to be sure the overall maximum pressure of the compressor is not surpassed.
**See compressor instructions for warranty details

easypro shallow water pond aeration kit figure 1General Instructions

Compressors have weather resistant housing, but we strongly suggest that you protect them from the elements in some way. DO NOT place your compressor in low spots or any place water may puddle. Flooded compressors are not covered under warranty.

1. Place compressor on level surface above the water level.

2. Compressor must be protected and housed from the elements. Do not place compressor in low spots where water may puddle. Place compressor in shaded area that is free from excessive dust or moisture.

3. Assemble the diffusers by threading rubber membrane diffusers into provided PVC assembly. Use zip ties to secure diffuser/PVC assembly to plastic underlay. Attach a brick (not included) to the diffuser base to sink assembly to the bottom of the pond.

4. Attach Quick Sink tubing to barbed outlet of diffuser assembly and secure with hose clamp.

5. Unroll the tubing and install diffuser into pond. This will allow you to trim tubing to length at the compressor. Lower diffusers in the pond where circulation is maximized.

6. Connect the rubber elbow to the compressor with pinch clamps.

7. Connect the end of airline to outlet of the compressor and secure with provided hose clamp. For PA8SW with a manifold system, connect the manifold to the compressor, then the ends of airline runs to mani- fold system and secure with provided hose clamps.

8. Plug compressor into 120v AC GFCI protected outlet.


  • Compressors are designed for continuous operation. It is not uncommon for these compressors to run 24 hours per day for four to five years. The typical maintenance required is replacement of the diaphragms when needed. All compressors have oil-less motors. Never oil or lubricate the motors.
  • Because it can take hours for maximum circulation to be achieved it is recommended to run these systems continuously.
  • If you are installing this system at a time when your pond is already stratified (warm on the surface, cold on bottom) you should be careful when first starting the aeration system. If stagnant water on the pond bottom is stirred up too fast, a temporary increase in oxygen demand will occur and, in rare cases, a fish kill could result. If your pond is severely stratified, you should only run your system one to two hours the first day. Each day after that increase then run time by one to two hours during the first week and run continuously after that. This will slowly mix the bottom water without a sudden depletion of oxygen.

Winter Operation

If operated in the winter time there are a few considerations to make.

  • You must clearly mark with warnings that there is open water or thin ice. Many states will require this by law.
  • Be sure the tubing is buried leading into the pond. If not, ice can form around the tubing, kinking it or possibly shearing it off. This is rare but has occurred.
  • It becomes critical to protect the compressor from excess snow and water entering the compressor from the bottom due to flooding or melting snow. A cabinet or shelter is recommended. Be sure that adequate air ventilation is provided or compressor will fail prematurely.
  • If lines become frozen, rubbing alcohol can be run down the frozen line to thaw it out.


1. Always unplug unit before service, cleaning or any maintenance.

2. Over time the compressors may need to have the diaphragms replaced. See chart below for compressor repair kits.

3. If not operated in the winter, disconnect the compressor, cover ends of tubing and store compressor out of the elements.

4. Diffusers may need regular cleaning in certain water conditions. This may be every two to five years.


Loss of air output but unit is running:

  • Check to make sure the air filter has not been blocked or clogged by dust.
  • Check to make sure lines are not kinked or plugged. If used in winter time, line may have ice in the line. A small amount of rubbing alcohol can be run down the air line to thaw the ice.
  • Inspect the diffusers to ensure they are clean. Replace or clean as necessary.
  • Inspect compressor diaphragms. Replace as necessary.

Shallow Water Pond Aeration Kit Components:

Kit Part # Compressor Tubing - ½" Diffusers Compressor Repair Kits
PA6SWN KLC60 50' of ½" Quick Sink DM4 KLC68DK
PA8SWN KLC80 100' of ½" Quick Sink Two DM4 KLC68DK

*Replacement 6" rubber membrane diffusers are part number RAD650. A DM4 assembly includes four RAD650 rubber membrane diffusers.

Boost the Benefits of Aeration

EasyPro bacteria treatments are Made in the USA. “Safe for fish, pets, wildlife and family!”

EasyPro’s beneficial bacteria treatments are proven to work in conjunction with aeration systems to improve the natural biological balance and overall water quality. The bacteria work along the pond bottom, breaking down organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings, dead algae and fish waste.

pond vive

EasyPro Pond-Vive

The natural, biological way to revive your pond This special blend of beneficial bacteria is designed to:

  • Reduce oxygen demand and sludge buildup
  • Eliminate excess nutrients and pond odors
  • Improve water clarity

Available in 10 lb. and 25 lb. pails with 8 oz. water soluble packs or as loose powder in bulk 100 lb. drums.

pond sludge remover

EasyPro Sludge Remover Pellets

Bacteria specifically designed to reduce sludge on the pond bottom

  • Great for spot treating around docks and beach areas
  • Available in 10 lb. and 25 lb. pails, one ounce of pellets covers approximately 200-250 square feet of shoreline or beach area
pond colorant

EasyPro Lake Colorant

Add EasyPro Lake Colorant to give your pond a beautiful look

  • Available in blue, serenity blue or black one quart containers
  • Nontoxic and compatible with most aquatic herbicides, water can be used for swimming and irrigation once dispersed
  • Concentrated formula, one quart treats one acre of water 3' - 6' deep

Limited Warranty:

  • Compressors in PA-SW series kits have two year limited warranty (see owners manual for complete warranty information)
  • Quick sink tubing and diffusers have five year limited warranty

Other items included in this kit that are not listed above are considered wearable items and are not covered under this warranty. Limited warranty only covers properly installed and maintained units.

The limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor any deterioration suffered through overloading, improper use, negligence or accident. Similarly, any modification made by the purchaser to the product will cause the warranty to be null and void.

All returned items will be inspected to determine cause of failure before warranty is approved.

Limited warranty does not cover any cost associated with the installation or removal of the product subject to warranty claim.

A Return Authorization (RA) number must be obtained by calling EasyPro Pond Products at 800-448-3873. It is your responsibility to pay the return shipping charges. Be sure to include the RA number, original receipt (in the form of an invoice or sales receipt), name, return address and phone number inside of the package. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt.

Ensure the product is properly packaged and insured for the replacement value. Damage due to improper packaging is the responsibility of the sender.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any damages caused by defective components or materials of this product; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential/incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this product.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this product.