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EasyPro Mag Drive Pumps Manual


easypro mag drive pumps manual

Operation • Safety • Warranty

This manual covers part numbers: EP120 - EP200 - EP400 - EP600 - EP850 - EP1050 - EP1350 - EP1750 - EP2200 - EP3200N


EasyPro Mag Drive Small Submersible Pumps Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version

Thank you for purchasing the EasyPro Mag Drive pump. This pump is a magnetically driven water pump. It contains no oil, rotating shafts, shaft seals or bearings. This pump combines simplicity of design with the most energy efficient operation of any pump. All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy. The impeller assembly consists of impeller blades attached to a magnet and is easily replaced should the need arise. There are threaded discharge and intake ports on all models.

Safety & Electrical Connections

1. Always disconnect the electrical supply before handling, maintaining, repairing or installing any pond equipment.

2. Connect this product only to a 110 volt receptacle that is protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).

3. The pump must be fully submersed underwater at all times when operating.

4. Never let the pump run dry, as this can damage the impeller, over heat the pump and possibly burn out the pump.

5. Do not use this product in bathrooms or swimming pools.

6. All electrical work must be performed by a qualified technician. Always follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) or the Canadian Electrical Code as well as all local, state and provincial codes. Code questions should be directed to your local electrical inspector. Failure to follow electrical codes and OSHA safety standards may result in personal injury or equipment damage. Failure to follow manufacturer’s installation instructions may result in electrical shock, fire hazard, personal injury or death, damaged equipment, provide unsatisfactory performance, and may void manufacturer’s warranty.

7. When installing a check valve assembly, thread in the assembly finger tight. Do not over-tighten as this could crack the housing and void the warranty.

8. Do not remove the pre-filter or the pre-filter cover from the pump as this will cause excess debris to enter the pump and may void the warranty.


If the pump fails to operate, please check the following before contacting EasyPro:
Note: Always disconnect from electrical outlet before handling the pump.

1. Check the GFCI circuit breaker or try another GFCI electrical outlet to ensure the pump is get- ting power.

2. Check the tubing for kinks and obstructions. Check filter cover and foam filter for blockage. Follow cleaning steps in the maintenance section if blockage is suspected.

3. If necessary, remove and clean the impeller assembly.

Service & Maintenance

easypro mag drive pumps figure1

1. Disconnect all power supplies before service.

2. It is highly recommended to place the pump in either an EasyPro skimmer or into an EasyPro pump protector.

3. Clean the intake screen and foam filter when the flow is visibly reduced.

4. Clean the pump and impeller with clean fresh water.

5. When cleaning the pump and impeller, be careful not to loose the small plastic washers positioned at the top and bottom of the impeller. These washers are critical to the quiet and efficient operation of the pump.

6. Check inside the impeller housing for large debris or algae that could reduce the flow.

7. Clean the impeller housing using cotton swabs. Clean the outside of the impeller with a damp cloth and clean water.

easypro mag drive pumps figure2
easypro mag drive pumps figure3

Operation of Pumps & Attachments

All EasyPro Mag Drive Pumps, EP120 – EP1350, come with fountain nozzles and diverter valves to easily hook up a second water feature. Below are samples of each type of fountain nozzles. Note: Not all pumps come with all fountain nozzles. If additional nozzles are desired please see the parts list.

Replacement Parts for the EP120 — EP3200N Mag Drive Pumps

easypro mag drive pumps figure4

Fountain Nozzles Available on Mag Drive Pumps

easypro mag drive pumps figure5

easypro mag drive pumps figure6


This product is warranted against any mechanical or material defects for a period of three years from the date of purchase (impellers are covered by a six month period against manufacturers defect). Warranty only covers properly installed and maintained units.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor any deterioration suffered through overloading, improper use, negligence or accident. Similarly, any modification made by the purchaser to the product will cause the warranty to be null and void.

All returned items will be inspected to determine cause of failure before warranty is approved.

Warranty does not cover any cost associated with the installation or removal of the product subject to warranty claim.

An RA number must be obtained by calling EasyPro Pond Products at 800-448-3873. It is your responsibility to pay the return shipping charges. Be sure to include the RA number, original receipt (in the form of an invoice or sales receipt), name, return address and phone number inside of the package. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt.

Ensure the product is properly packaged and insured for the replacement value. Damage due to improper packaging is the responsibility of the sender.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any damages caused by defective components or materials of this product; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential/incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this product.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this product.