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EasyPro Cabrio Remote Control Instructions


EasyPro Cabrio Color Changing Remote Control: Model CLEDRC


easypro cabrio remote control


EasyPro Cabrio Color Changing Remote Control Manual - Printable PDF Version


Thank you for purchasing EasyPro's Cabrio color changing remote control. With this remote you can sync multiple Cabrio fixtures together, change modes, brightness and speed. Control your Cabrio LED lights to illuminate a pond or waterfall, highlight a deck or patio and extend the enjoyment of your entire landscape in the evening hours.

Remote Control Operation

  • A single remote can operate multiple Cabrio fixtures in any combination within its range.
  • Depress mode, brightness and speed buttons slowly and deliberately to ensure all light fixtures remain in sync on the same cycle.
  • Desired setting must be achieved by clicking remote functions, holding a button down will not change settings.
  • CLEDRC remote requires an A23 battery (included).

easypro cled4 light figure2

Color Modes

1. (Default) Fade — Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Lt. Blue, White — (fades into listed colors)

2. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Green

3. Change — Red, Green, Blue

4. Change — Blue, Green, Red

5. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Green — (four color cycle accelerates to strobe)

6. Change — Red, off, Green, off, Blue, off, Yellow, off, Purple, off, Light Blue, off, White, off

7. Change — Yellow, Pink/Purple, Light Blue

8. Change — Red, Yellow, White, off

9. Change — White, Yellow, Red, off

10. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, White

11. Solid — Pink

12. Solid — Yellow

13. Solid — Green/Yellow

14. Solid — Aqua

15. Solid — Sky Blue

16. Solid — Electric Blue

17. Solid — Blue/Purple

18. Solid — Purple

19. Solid — Hot Pink

20. Demo Mode — (Scrolls through modes 1-10, beginning with mode 10, 1, 2, 3...)

21. Solid — Red

22. Solid — Green

23. Solid — Blue

24. Solid — Yellow/Green

25. Solid — Purple/Pink

26. Solid — Light Blue

27. Solid — White

easypro cled4 light figure3