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EasyPro Cabrio CLED4SS Light Instructions

easypro cabrio cled4ss aeration kits

Cabrio Stainless Steel Color Changing LED Light

Instructions for Operation • Safety • Warranty

 EasyPro CLED4SS Cabrio Color Changing LED Light Manual - Printable PDF Version

Thank you for purchasing EasyPro's Cabrio Stainless Steel Color Changing LED light. With this LED light you can illuminate a pond or waterfall, highlight a deck or patio and extend the enjoyment of your entire landscape in the evening hours. This light is fully submersible and may be used in or out of water (fresh water only).

Safety and Electrical Connections

1. danger symbol Always disconnect the electrical supply before handling, maintaining, repairing or installing any pond equipment.

2. Light must be attached to a 12 volt AC UL listed transformer.

3. Never connect the lights directly to a 110 volt or higher outlet.

4. Connect the transformer to a 110 volt receptacle that is protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

5. Do not modify wiring in any way, quick plug ends must stay intact and should not be replaced with terminals. DO NOT modify the white antenna on the control module. Do not submerge control module.

6. All electrical work must be performed by a qualified technician. Always follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) or the Canadian Electrical Code as well as all local, state and provincial codes. Failure to follow manufacturer’s installation instructions may result in electrical shock, fire hazard, personal injury or death, damaged equipment, provide unsatisfactory performance and will void manufacturer’s warranty.

Installation of LED Light

1. Before installing the product check for damaged or missing parts. Contact EasyPro immediately if pieces are missing or damaged.

2. Be sure the power is disconnected before installing the light.

3. Determine desired location to place the LED light.

Note: Be sure to consider that individual diodes cannot be replaced at the end of their life. Permanent settings may not be the best option in the case that the entire LED fixture must be replaced.

4. Use with or without removable base to fit fixture into desired location. If base is used it may need to be ballasted to prevent fixture from shifting.

5. Run wire from LED fixture back towards control module and power source.

6. Join the light to the control module by connecting the 4-prong quick plug, tighten the retention ring to ensure a secure connection. (Figure 1) Do not sub- merge connection or control module.

7. Join the control module to the transformer by connecting the 2-prong quick plug and tighten the retention ring.

Note: Power supply must be maintained to control module or light will default back to mode 1 on start- up (transformers with automatic operation will reset the control module back to default on each start due to power interruption.)

8. Plug the transformer into a GFCI outlet.

9. The LED light will default to mode 1 on initial startup. Use CLEDRC remote to sync multiple Cabrio fixtures together, change modes, brightness and speed.

easypro cled4 light figure1    easypro cled4 light figure2

Remote Control Operation (remote control sold separately)

  • A single remote can operate multiple Cabrio fixtures in any combination within its range.
  • Depress mode, brightness and speed buttons slowly and deliberately to ensure all light fixtures remain in sync on the same cycle.
  • Desired setting must be achieved by clicking remote functions, holding a button down will not change settings.
  • CLEDRC remote requires an A23 battery (included).

easypro cled4ss light figure3

Color Modes

1. (Default) Fade — Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Lt. Blue, White — (fades into listed colors)

2. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Green

3. Change — Red, Green, Blue

4. Change — Blue, Green, Red

5. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Green — (four color cycle accelerates to strobe)

6. Change — Red, off, Green, off, Blue, off, Yellow, off, Purple, off, Light Blue, off, White, off

7. Change — Yellow, Pink/Purple, Light Blue

8. Change — Red, Yellow, White, off

9. Change — White, Yellow, Red, off

10. Change — Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, White

11. Solid — Pink

12. Solid — Yellow

13. Solid — Green/Yellow

14. Solid — Aqua

15. Solid — Sky Blue

16. Solid — Electric Blue

17. Solid — Blue/Purple

18. Solid — Purple

19. Solid — Hot Pink

20. Demo Mode — (Scrolls through modes 1-10, beginning with mode 10, 1, 2, 3...)

21. Solid — Red

22. Solid — Green

23. Solid — Blue

24. Solid — Yellow/Green

25. Solid — Purple/Pink

26. Solid — Light Blue

27. Solid — White

easypro cled4ss light figure4


  • Changing the brightness or speed of a light cycle will reset the mode to the beginning of its cycle.
  • To operate multiple Cabrio fixtures use an EasyPro 12 volt AC transformer. Be sure not to exceed the total transformer wattage with any combination.

Service and Maintenance

1. Disconnect the transformer from the power supply before service.

2. All parts of the lighting system should be checked on a regular basis to make sure the system is functioning properly.

3. All wires should be protected from possible damage from wildlife and other causes. Damaged wires due to neglect are not covered under warranty.

4. If light output is diminished, check the face of the light fixture for debris and clean if necessary, or use remote control to increase brightness.

EasyPro Pond Products Limited Warranty:

EasyPro Pond Products (“EasyPro”) warrants to the purchaser that this product ("Product") will be free from any mechanical or material defects for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Removal of Quick Connect ends will void warranty. For use in fresh water only. This warranty only covers properly installed and maintained Products sold by authorized EasyPro Sellers who are subject to and follow EasyPro’s quality control standards. Please note that because EasyPro is unable to control the quality of Products sold by unauthorized sellers, unless otherwise prohibited by law, this warranty does not cover Products purchased from unauthorized sellers.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor any deterioration suffered through overloading, improper use, negligence, improper installation, acts of God or accident. Similarly, any modification made by the purchaser to the Product will cause the warranty to be null and void. This warranty does not cover any cost associated with the installation or removal of the Product subject to a warranty claim.

Removal of quick plug ends will void warranty.

All returned items will be inspected to determine cause of failure before a warranty claim is approved. The exclusive remedies provided hereunder shall, upon EasyPro’s inspection and option, be either repair or replacement of the Product or parts covered under this warranty.

Making a Claim: A Return Authorization (“RA”) number must first be obtained by calling EasyPro at 800-448-3873 or via email at [email protected] It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay the return shipping charges. Be sure to include the RA number, original receipt (in the form of an invoice or sales receipt), your name, your return address and your phone number inside of the package. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt that shows that your purchase was made from an Authorized EasyPro Seller. Ensure the product is properly packaged and insured for the replacement value. Damage due to improper packaging is the responsibility of the sender.


EasyPro shall not be held liable for any damages caused by defective components or materials of this Product; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential/incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this Product. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

EasyPro shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this Product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from State to State.