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EasyPro Axiom PSA3000D Installation Manual


easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter

EasyPro Axiom PSA3000D Skimmer/Filter Combo Installation Instructions


EasyPro PSA3000D SkimmerFilter Combo Installation Manual - Printable PDF Version

The EasyPro Axiom PSA3600D Skimmer/Filter Combo is designed to combine mechanical and biological pond filtration all in one. This unique device will provide filtration for ponds up to 4000 gallons that do not contain fish and 2000 gallons with ponds that contain fish. By integrating the skimming action to catch floating debris and the biological filtration with EasyPro Ultimate Tube Media, the PSA3600D is a compact solution for complete pond filtration.


Step 1: Determine Placement

Ideal placement is opposite the waterfall or main return for improved circulation.

Step 2: Excavate Hole

Once pond has been excavated, determine water level with a transit or laser level. Idealstanding water level is 1" down from top of skimmer opening. Excavate hole for skimmer to proper depth and size. PSA3600D: Hole should be 22" wide x 36" long x 181/2" deep below water level. Make sure to create a solid, compacted and level base in bottom of the hole. If an extension tube is used make sure that excavated hole for skimmer/filter is proper distance from pond edge.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure1

Step 3: Level the PSA3600D

Place tub into excavated hole. The PSA3600D must be level from side to side and front to back in order to function properly. Once level, insert black PVC spreader bar and install the lid to keep inside of skimmer aligned and clean. Then back fill about 1/3 of the hole to keep the skimmer in place while finishing liner installation, rock and lighting placement.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure2

  • 1 Determine placement
  • 2 Excavate hole
  • 3 Level skimmer
  • 4 Attach liner
  • 5 Connect plumbing
  • 6 Connect pump
  • 7 Final assembly
  • 8 Optional auto-fill
  • 9 Optional bottom drain
  • 10 Optional external pump

Step 4a: Attach Liner to PSA3600D

Remove lid in order to have access to inside of skimmer

  • Place large bead of silicone (or Firestone Water Block) around opening. Place a dab of silicone in each bolt hole as well.
  • Hold liner up against the face of the skimmer (best done by a second person).
  • Place the face plate assembly against the skimmer, with flange toward the pond and weir on the bottom of the assembly. Line up the holes with an awl. Note: Do not place silicone on the surface between the faceplate and the liner only between the skimmer tub surface and the liner.
  • Secure faceplate assembly in place with bolts and washers.
  • Once all the bolts and washers are installed and tightened, the liner can be trimmed from the inside of the skimmer opening.
  • A bead of silicone (or Firestone Lap Sealant) can then be applied to the inside edge of where the faceplate and skimmer join for additional water sealant.

Allow proper drying of silicone before being submersed in water.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure3
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure4
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure5
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure6
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure7

Step 4b: Optional Extension Tube

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure8
  • EasyPro skimmers are the only skimmer available with an extension tube. This tube allows location of the skimmer away from the pond edge making it easier to hide. The SETS2 24" extension tube fits the PSA3600D skimmer/filter combo.
  • The extension tube would bolt to the front of the skimmer.
  • Use a thick bead of silicone around the opening on the skimmer then bolt the tube to the skimmer
  • Make sure the tube is level and support properly while connections are made.
  • Silicone the opposite end of the extension tube in the same manner and connect to liner using same steps as 4a.

Step 5: Connecting the Plumbing with PSA3600D

  • Use only PVC threaded fittings for plumbing connections to Axiom skimmer/filter combo.
  • Use Teflon tape (in moderation) on all threaded connections to ensure water tight seals
  • Pre-determine which hole(s) will be used for overflow and pump return lines
  • Adjustable overflow: The included PVC elbow can be adjusted to control the water level in the pond by rotating to desired angle. This is useful for ponds at the bottom of a stream or waterfall system to accommodate the extra water when system is shut down.

Outgoing Plumbing:

  • On the interior of the skimmer thread the 2" PVC male spigot adaptor to the outgoing hole.
  • On exterior of the same hole thread the 2" PVC male adaptor to the outgoing hole.
  • Connect the return line to exterior fitting with PVC primer and glue.
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure9
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure10
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure11

Adjustable Overflow Plumbing

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure12
  • Use second hole for connecting the overflow plumbing
  • On the interior of the skimmer thread the 2" PVC threaded street elbow to the second hole.
  • On the exterior of the same hole thread a 2" PVC male adaptor.
  • Connect the overflow PVC line to the exterior fitting with PVC primer and glue.

Step 6: Connecting the Pump in the Psa3600D

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure13
  • A properly sized check valve assembly should be attached to the pump. Lower the pump into skimmer and secure it to the outgoing plumbing.
  • If using the fittings provided, the spigot fitting inside the skimmer can be fitted into a rubber coupler connection or slip PVC connection.
  • Other fittings can be used. The preinstalled connection in the skimmer is 2" fpt.

Step 7: Final assembly of the PSA3600D

  • The PVC spreader bar should already be installed from Step 3.
  • Install the filter brush rack and debris net in the appropriate position for your skimmer.
  • Adjustable overflow: The elbow can be adjusted to control the water level in the pond by rotating to desired angle. This can be useful if the pond is at the bottom of a stream or waterfall system that would normally over flow the pond when shut off in a traditional overflow set up.
  • Install vertical media chamber dividers as shown. Holes up on front divider and holes down on back divider.
  • Install the media bag with Ultimate Tube Media.
  • Install lid and finish back filling excavated hole.
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure14
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure15
easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure16

Step 8: Optional Auto Fill

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure17

An auto fill device can be installed in the PSA3600D to help maintain consistent pond water level. Location in skimmer and type of device will vary. The EasyPro box style fill valve or brass WFS37/WFS50 fill switches are good options.

Step 9: Optional Bottom Drain Attachment

For ponds deeper than 3' a bottom drain is recommended. A bottom drain can be connected to the Axiom PSA3600D skimmer/filter combo either in the front below the net or on the side below the debris net. The EasyPro 2" bottom drain kits (Part #’s BDK2N or BDK2A) are good options for the PSA3600D.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure18

Step 10: Optional External Pump Connection

  • Axiom skimmers can be used with external pumps as well.
  • Flooded Suction: A bulkhead fitting can be installed on the back wall of the skimmer to connect to a centrifugal pump.
  • Suction Lift: By simply installing a check valve/ foot valve inside the skimmer an external, centrifugal pump can be used with the Axiom skimmers.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure19


easypro all season pond bacteria

The skimmer net and filter brushes are designed to collect debris. This debris will need to be cleaned periodically. The cleaning frequency varies due to pond location. During times of heavy surface debris it may be necessary to clean the net and brushes more often. Failure to clean out debris will result in the pump being “starved” for water. Shutting the pump off to clean the debris net and the filter brushes is recommended to keep debris out of the pump chamber. The biological chamber cleaning frequency varies by biological “load” in the pond. On most ponds this can be done one to four times per year. If the Ultimate Tube Media begins to restrict flow it will be necessary to agitate the media. When cleaning the Ultimate Tube Media, avoid using chlorinated city water when possible as chlorine will kill the beneficial bacteria in the media. It would be recommend to add beneficial bacteria treatments (such as EasyPro All Season Bacteria) after cleaning the media to help “recharge” the filter.


  • In freezing climates it is recommended to remove the pump if not in operation. It is NOT necessary to drain the skimmer in the winter.
  • If the pond system is shut down for the winter, the Ultimate Tube Media bag should be removed and placed into the bottom of the pond. For spring start up the bag can be rinsed with pond water to remove larger debris and re-installed into the PSA3600D biological chamber. “Recharge” the filter by adding beneficial bacteria is an important step in successful spring start-up.

easypro axiom psa3000d skimmerfilter figure20

Replacement Media: Part #UTM1 – 1 cubic foot of Ultimate Tube Media.

Replacement Media Bag: Part #Heavy Duty Mesh Media bag – 18" x 30"