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EasyPro Arching Stream Fountain Operation Manual


EasyPro Arching Sream Fountain Instructions for Use • Maintenance Guide - Part # ELN75 & ELN75K


easypro eln75 arching fountain manual

Thank you for purchasing an EasyPro Arching Stream Fountain, a color-changing LED light stream that adds beauty, fun and enjoyment to any water feature, pond, fountain or pool. These instructions cover the ELN75 (Arching Stream Fountain unit with LED light) and ELN75K (Arching Stream Fountain unit with LED light, pump and plumbing). Specific ELN75K kit assembly instructions are on page three.


EasyPro Arching Stream Fountain Instruction Manual - Printable PDF Version


easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure1
  • Inlet: 1" O.D. barb
  • Nozzle opening: 3/8"
  • Electrical Requirement — LED operates on AC/DC 12 volt power adaptor with inline LED Controller (Remote control operation of controller)
  • LED Light — 3 watt (max) RGB
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for desired angle and secure placement options (Use 1/2" socket)
  • 16' cable to LED controller; (3' to epoxy filled inline junction box)
  • Ideal installation: 6' to 10' spray distance with 5' to 6' maximum arch height.

Note: Further distance and higher arch can be achieved if installed indoors with no wind. Avoid using in windy locations.

General Information and Operation

Please read the following before installing or running the Arching Stream Fountain.

1. The Arching Stream Fountain must be used in a clean water environment. If the water is dirty a pre- filter is required. Running dirty water through the fountain will result in improper flow and disrupted stream.

2. Flow rates between 600-1000 gph are recommended. The flow consistency of mag drive pumps best suit the functionality of the Arching Stream Fountain. Avoid pumps with inconsistent flow.

3. The nozzle of the Arching Stream Fountain should never be submersed. The fountain can be submersed into the water as long as the nozzle remains above water.

4. A flow control valve is recommended to adjust water flow and size of the arch. Install ball valve in-line between the pump and fountain. If the arch is too long it will result in a disrupted stream and may cause splashing. Windy locations may limit the distance that an uninterrupted stream is able to travel. Ideal applications will be able to maintain the arch to a maximum length of 12'.

NOTE: You may need to adjust the length of the arch to be sure the light can travel from start to end. If arch is too long the light may not reach the end and the stream flow could get distorted.

5. Periodic maintenance is required for proper flow of water and light. Please see maintenance instructions to clean the LED light lens and filter sponges inside the fountain.

6. Transformer is not submersible. Turn the LED light on only when water is running.

NOTE: If the fountain is not properly filled with water it will cause the stream to distort and splatter. To fix this simply tilt the nozzle 15-20 degrees forward and return it back to desired angle. If noise is coming out of the unit do the same. At times you may have to tilt the nozzle 15 degrees in the opposite direction then back to normal to purge air from the unit.

Remote Control and LED Lighting Use:

  • Remote control operates LED lighting option up to 12' away. Battery strength of remote and other obstructions may affect remote range.
  • Battery is included with remote. Battery will need to be installed before use of remote.
  • Remove clear plastic battery shield and battery holder from remote. Install battery as described on remote housing.
  • Replacement battery for remote is CR2025 3 volt battery.
  • Remote control settings: Settings listed on diagram shown to right
  • Installing or replacing remote battery. Press “Release” tab sideways while pulling battery retainer out. Hold vertically to assist removal of battery retainer. Install new battery with positive side as shown to the right.
  • If power is interrupted to the LED controller, selected mode will reset. If unit is turned “Off” using the remote control and turned back “On” with remote control, the previous mode used will be remembered by controller.
  • Be sure AC/DC adaptor for LED Controller is plugged into GFCI protected outlet. Red LED light on controller will illuminate after a couple seconds indicating power to the unit. If it does not light, you may need to check that the AC/DC adaptor plug is properly installed in controller.
  • The LED Controller is placed in a weather protective box. However, it should not be placed in areas that flood or where it will be fully submerged in water. The AC/DC adaptor must also be protected from weather and additional protection may be required for this device depending on application. The inline epoxy filled junction box (approximately 3' inline from the fountain nozzle) can be used in wet locations (direct burial or valve box), but should not submersed in pool or pond.

Installation Note: If wire to controller needs to be disconnected in order run it through a conduit or sleeve, the extra housing for the LED controller can be opened and Red, Green, Blue, and Black leads can be disconnected from LED controller. Be sure to reconnect in appropriate terminals and re-assemble the extra housing for the LED controller once wire has been run through conduit or sleeve.

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure2


1. Remove bolts with 1/2" socket.

2. Gently remove top cover and gasket as shown.

3. Use soft cloth to clean the LED lens.

4. Sponges are not removable as it holds the LED lens in place. Depress and rinse sponges to remove build up.

5. Clean and replace old silicone from top of unit before re-assembly.

6. Re-install rubber gasket and top onto unit.

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure3

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure4

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure5

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure6

Installation with Kit (ELN75K)

Complete kit includes the components needed for the full operation of a single Arching Stream Fountain. Additional parts may be required for unique applications.

1. Determine installation location. Before gluing, dry fit flex pipe and fittings together, cut PVC and adjust placement as necessary.

2. Secure flex pipe and fittings together using PVC glue.

3. Once glue is completely dry, submerse pump into pool or pond. The pump must remain submersed at all times.

4. Plug pump in then adjust the angle of the main body and the ball valve to achieve the desired look of the fountain, pump can operate on its side.

General Plumbing Diagram

NOTE: Use PVC glue on all slip connections (purchase separately).

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure7

Dimensions: for reference only, angle of unit will change size dimensions

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure8

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure9

easypro eln75 arching fountain manual figure10

Limited Warranty:

  • This product is warranted against any mechanical or material defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Pump included in kit has a three year warranty. See the pump’s owners manual for more details.
  • This limited warranty does not cover accidental damage to the product due to abuse or negligence by the consumer.
  • An RMA number must be obtained by calling EasyPro Pond Products at 800-448-3873 and be included on package before returning for warranty issues.

Return warranty items to:
EasyPro Pond Products, 4385 East 110th, Grant, MI 49327
Be sure to include RMA number, original receipt, name, return address and phone number in package.

  • In the event of a warranty claim, please return the product postage prepaid with the original receipt for repair or exchange. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt.
  • The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any damages caused by defective components or materials of this pump; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential/incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this product.
  • The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this product.