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Installation - Operation - Maintenance Guidelines


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This aeration system will be a great benefit to the aquatic ecosystem in which you are placing it. Please read through the following guidelines completely before installation and operation of your aeration system.

Safety Warnings

  • Use extreme caution when operating in winter. Danger due to thin ice can cause drowning. Unseen currents can cause thin ice in areas long distances away from diffuser operation. Provide adequate warning for others using a pond with a diffused aeration system.
  • The surface of the compressor will be hot during operation. This is normal — be careful not to touch the compressor while it is running.
  • Units must be connected to GFCI protected outlets.
  • Avoid using extension cords to operate compressor.
  • Keep children or pets away from operating units
  • Always disconnect power when servicing system.
  • Relieve pressure from system before servicing.


  • All of our compressors are designed for continuous operation. It is not uncommon for these compressors to run 24 hours per day for three to five years. The only maintenance required is replacement of wearable items (diaphram, piston ring, vanes, etc.) when needed and keeping filter clean.
  • CAUTION: All compressors in these kits are designed for oil-free opera- tion. Never oil or lubricate the compressors.
  • In addition to adding oxygen to your pond, an aeration system creates a circulation action. It takes hours for the maximum effect to be achieved, therefore we recommend running these systems continuously so that maxi- mum circulation is sustained.

Summer Time Start Up

CAUTION: If you are installing this system at a time when your pond is already stratified (warm on surface, cold on bottom), you should be careful when first starting the aeration system. If the stagnant water on the pond bottom is stirred up too fast, a temporary increase in oxygen demand will occur and, in rare cases, a fish kill could result. If your pond is severely stratified, you should only run your system one to two hours the first day. Each day after that, increase the run time by one to two hours during the first week, run continuously after that. This will slowly mix the bottom water without a sudden depletion of oxygen.

Installation Precautions

  • The air diffuser should not be placed in the deepest part of the pond. Try to locate the diffuser at approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the deepest point (a 15' deep pond would have the diffuser at approximately 10' to 12' deep). This allows the deepest water to remain cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter.
  • If you purchased your aeration system without weighted tubing, you will need to supply small weights such as chimney bricks, pipe or rerod. Strap the weights securely around the tubing to bring it to the bottom.
  • If your pond freezes during the winter, be sure the tubing is buried leading into the pond. If not, the ice can form around the tubing, kinking it or possibly shearing it off.

CAUTION: Locate all utilities before digging to ensure safety of installer and others.

Kit Part # Max Pond Size Max Depth Diffusers Assembly Cabinet Compatibility
PA10 1/4 Acre 12' Ft. DM2** SC18, SC22, SC25
PA12 1/4 Acre 30' Ft. DM2** SC18, SC22, SC25
PA50 2 Acres 18' Ft. Two-EPMD2 SC22, SC25
PA75 4 Acres 18' Ft. Four-EPMD2 SC22
PA100 6 Acres 18' Ft. Six-EPMD2 SC22

*Factors such as pond depth and pond shape will affect maximum pond size

**Replacement 6” rubber membrane diffusers are part number RAD650. A DM2 assembly includes two RAD650 rubber membrane diffusers.

Note: Kits are available with multiple tubing options (non-weighted, quick sink, mix & match). Part # column reflects generic kit name.

Kit Part # Compressor* HP & Type Max. CFM Cost per Day
PA10 DC22 1/20 HP - Diaphragm .7 $0.24
PA12 DC12 1/8 HP - Diaphragm .8 $0.49
PA50 RV33 1/4 HP - Rotary Vane 4.5 $1.31
PA75 RV75 3/4 HP - Rotary Vane 10 $2.48
PA100 RV100 1 HP - Rotary Vane 13.5 $3.47

*Compressors all carry a one year warranty from date of purchase. See compressor instructions for warranty details

Compressor Placement

It is critical that the air compressors be protected from the weather. You will need to provide a shelter for your compressor to protect it from rain, snow and other harsh elements.

Aeration PA10 - PA100 Figure 1
  • Be sure your shelter is adequately ventilated. A cooling fan may be neces- sary in warmer climates. Several cabinet options with fans are available.
  • Be sure the compressor does not sit directly on the ground, as the vibration from the motor will cause dust and dirt particles to be pulled into the motor and may cause premature failure.
  • If operating compressor in freezing climates do not place compressor in “heated” buildings. Warm air holds more moisture. This warm air may con- densate and freeze in the colder outdoor line.
  • Ensure that compressors are placed where they will not become flooded with water.
  • If possible, shaded areas are preferred.
  • In areas with limited electrical supply, compressors can be placed long distances from the pond edge. A remote access valve assembly can be fed from the compressor with properly sized tubing.

Cabinet Placement

  • If installing a Sentinel Deluxe Aeration System, place the cabinet on a level, unobstructed base to ensure the compressor does not overheat.
  • A post mounted cabinet should be kept free from high weeds and other obstructions to ventilation system.

Diffuser Placement

The amount of surface area an aeration system will effectively cover is greatly dependent on two factors - DEPTH and SHAPE. The deeper an air diffuser is located, the more boiling action it will create and a larger area will be aerated. The diagram below shows how much surface area is effectively aerated per air diffuser at various depths. Ponds that are irregular or odd shaped will also reduce size of aeration area — call our technical department for additional help.

Aeration PA10 - PA100 Figure 2

General Assembly Instructions

1. Unpack the aeration system to ensure all parts were received. If a shortage occurs, please notify EasyPro immediately.

2. Assemble diffusers, detailed instructions included with each diffuser assembly.

NOTE: Video walk-through of EPMD1/EPMD2 diffuser assembly and installation found at: easypropondproducts.com/diffuser-assembly

3. For Sentinel Deluxe units, the filter and valves are connected to the compressor.

For basic kits you will need to install the inlet filter and outlet assembly. On all basic kits, remove the compressor from the box and remove plugs from ports on the compressor. Then assemble air filter on the inlet port and valved outlet assembly on the discharge port. PA10 and PA12 systems are a single line with no valve.

See images for reference of your system.

Aeration PA10 - PA100 Figure 3

4a. For PA10 style kits (1/20 hp DC22 Compressor)

4b. For PA12 style kits (1/8 hp DC12 Compressor)

4c. For PA50/75/100 style kits (1/4, 3/4 and 1 hp Rotary Vane Compressors)

5. Unroll the entire roll of tubing. It is recommended that the diffuser be in- stalled at this point. This will allow you to trim any unused tubing before at- taching to the compressor. Use clamps to secure tubing to outlet assembly.

6. Open the valves on the outlet assembly to their full open position. Plug the compressor into a GFCI outlet and adjust each valve to equal the air flow to each diffuser. This equalizes air flow between diffusers with different operat- ing depths and/or tubing lengths.

Maintenance Guidelines

  • Keep your compressor and intake filter clean. Any excess dust and debris on motor or air intake may significantly shorten the life of the compressor.
  • Diffusers may need regular cleaning in certain water conditions. This may be every two to five years.
  • Compressors may need to be rebuilt if running but no longer “pumping air.” Contact your EasyPro dealer for compressor rebuild kits.
  • If lines become frozen, a small amount of denatured alcohol can be run down the frozen line to thaw it out. The small amount of alcohol will not harm fish or biological processes in your pond.

After one or two years of operation, you will possibly notice a sudden drop in air bubbles. This is a sign the compressor needs new diaphrams or vanes. Rebuild kits are available to restore like-new performance. Be sure to keep the air filter clean. Replacement filters are available.

Kit Part # Compressor Replacement Filter/Element Compressor Repair Kits
PA10 DC22 DC22F RK22
PA50 RV33 IAF25/IAF25F RV33V
PA75 RV75 IAF38/IAF38F RV75V
PA100 RV100 AC432/AC393 RV100V


Aeration PA10 - PA100 Figure 4

Limited Warranty

This limited warranty is against any mechanical or material defects for a period of (see below) from the date of purchase. Warranty only covers properly installed and maintained units.

Compressors carry a one year warranty - covered by manufacturer’s warranty (consult owners manual for full details).

Air diffusers have a five year warranty. Weighted tubing has a five year warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor any deterioration suffered through overloading, improper use, negligence or accident. Similarly, any modification made by the purchaser to the product will cause the warranty to be null and void.

All returned items will be inspected to determine cause of failure before warranty is approved.

Warranty does not cover any cost associated with the installation or removal of the product subject to warranty claim. An RA number must be obtained by calling EasyPro Pond Products at 800-448-3873. It is your responsibility to pay the return shipping charges. Be sure to include the RA number, original receipt (in the form of an invoice or sales receipt), name, return address and phone number inside of the package. No warranty claims will be honored without the original receipt.

Ensure the product is properly packaged and insured for the re- placement value. Damage due to improper packaging is the respon- sibility of the sender.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any dam- ages caused by defective components or materials of this product; or for loss incurred because of the interruption of service; or any consequential/incidental damages and expenses arising from the production, sale, use or misuse of this product.

The manufacturer or supplier shall not be held liable for any loss of fish, plants or any other livestock as a result of any failure or defect of this product.

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