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EasyPro 1" Inlet Bronze Wide Fan Jet Fountain Nozzle FJ1W

EasyPro 1" Inlet Bronze Wide Fan Jet Fountain Nozzle FJ1W
EasyPro Wide Fan Jet Fountain Nozzle
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Part Number:EP-FJ1W
EasyPro Bronze Fan Jet Nozzlefan jet fountain nozzle

Bronze Fan Jet Nozzle - WIDE

  • Part # - FJ1W
  • Comes in Narrow or Wide Pattern
  • Arching spray pattern that is not water level dependent
  • Use adequate screening on pump inlet to prevent debris from plugging nozzles
  • Female threaded inlet
45° Spray Angle Data:
Part # Inlet
2' Throw
GPM  Head
3' Throw
GPM  Head
4' Throw
GPM  Head
5' Throw
GPM  Head
FJ1N 1"
10 GPM     4' Head

13 GPM     5' Head

16 GPM     8' Head

20 GPM     10' Head
FJ1W 1"
14 GPM     4' Head

19 GPM     5' Head

21 GPM     8' Head

24 GPM     10' Head



To select the correct pump for your fountain please follow the steps below

  • Select the nozzle pattern desired
  • Select the height (or diameter) desired for the nozzle
  • Look at the chart to determine the GPM (or G) and Head (H) required for the nozzle.
  • The pump you choose must have the required GPH flow at the HEAD indicated in order to achieve that size display.
  • The GPM flow at specific HEAD heights will be indicated in the manual or advertising for the pump in question

TIP #1 - for multiple nozzles multiply the GPM required by the total number of nozzles desired. It is not necessary to increase the HEAD when adding multiple nozzles.

Tip #2 - If the pump you are viewing indicates flow in GPH (gallons per hour) instead of GPM (gallons per minute) you can divide by 60. 900 GPH equals 15 GPM.

Tip #3 - Try to select a pump that is slightly more powerful than required to allow for errors in calculation

Tip #4 - All charts assume pump to be positioned at or near the nozzles. If the distance between pump and nozzle/ nozzles is greater than 10 foot additional HEAD will need to be factored in.

SUGGESTION: If you have questions when calculating your requirements please give us a call at 706-865-0220 and we would be glad to assist you with it.

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