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ECK26U Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration System for Ponds Up to 2600 Gal

ECK26U Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration System for Ponds Up to 2600 Gal
Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration ECK26U
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These new Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration Systems make effective pond filtration easier and more affordable than ever! These kits combine our new Eco-Clear UV Pressure Filters and Submersible Pond Pumps for complete pond filtration. The ECK26U Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration System contains the EC2600U Eco-Clear Pressurized Filter, EPS2500 Eco-Clear Submersible Pump, 25 feet of 1-1/2" kink-free tubing, and 4 clamps.

The EPS2500 Eco-Clear Submersible Pond Pump offers maximum power and energy efficiency. This powerful asynchronous mag drive pump is housed in a durable housing that protects it from debris.
  • Permanent magnet motor for high efficiency and continuous duty
  • Epoxy sealed motors – no oil to leak out! Safe for fish
  • Ceramic impeller provides high wear resistance and long life – designed for passing debris up to 3/8" diameter
  • Adjustable direction outlet includes 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" step barb fitting and 1-1/2" adaptor for PVC connection (use with rubber coupling)
  • 30' power cord for flexibility in pond positioning
  • Convenient handle built into the outer housing
  • 2" straight outlet for higher flows
  • 3 year warranty
The EC2600U Eco-Clear Pressurized Filter with 18 watt UV is good for ponds up to 2600 gallons or 1300 gallons with fish. EasyPro Eco-Clear Pressure Filters provide excellent, dual filtration and UV clarification for ponds. Ideal for preformed ponds and small water features that need effective filtration.
  • Sturdy filter housings – can be buried up to cleaning ring for easy concealment
  • Dual filtration – filter pads collect solid debris while bio-media provides excellent biological filtration
  • Built-in UV for crystal clear water
  • 16' power cord
  • Filters are easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance a snap!
  • Multi step connectors – inlet/outlet fittings accept a variety of tubing sizes
  • 3 year warranty

Additional Information

Part# Max Pond Size Filter Pump Tubing Included
ECK26U 2600 gallons EC2600U EPS2500 25 ft. - 1-1/2" kink free

How it Works

Eco-Clear How It works information EPS Pump Performance Chart Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration Box Content

Eco-Clear Mag Drive Pump Manual - Click to View Instructions

Eco-Clear Pressurized UV Filter Manual - Click to View Instructions

Eco-Clear Data Sheet

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