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Backyard Water Garden

It's official; a long cold winter is finally nearing the end and it's time once again think about long summer days relaxing in the comfort of your yard. To get ready for the countless summer cookouts, picnics, and birthday parties lets turn our attention to one of the most enjoyable additions to any yard or garden.

One of the best ways to instantly improve your "staycation potential" would have to be with a Backyard Pond or Water Garden. Ponds not only look great, but they give your garden an instant feel of luxury, without that luxurious price tag. The installation of a garden pond can be a really great do it yourself project for the whole family. Easy to install do it yourself pond kits are becoming the latest craze across the nation because they're economical and they look fantastic.

Your pond can be made in a variety of different styles. Among the most popular is the fish pond. Installation of a fish pond can be very rewarding as you begin with a pond you create yourself, add young fish into the ecosystem, and then reap years of enjoyment as you watch them grow. This can be particularly rewarding with fish such as fancy goldfish or Koi as they are particularly glorious and attractive fish and grow to quite large sizes. Additionally, you can plant a variety of water based or water loving plants such as water lilies, and see what animals you attract. Wildlife that is often attracted to water and ponds include birds, turtles, deer, raccoons, frogs and water snails. Once the pond is installed you'll be surprised how quickly they start appearing and brightening up your garden with a little bit of nature.

Even the smallest patio pond can create a relaxing oasis for family and friends but a larger pond or water garden could even add value to your home, especially if you decide to include a waterfall. Adding a waterfall to your backyard pond can add a surprising amount of opulence to your garden, and can be quite lovely to listen to when the sun is setting and everything is quiet. As the worries of the day wash away with the sounds of falling water you will easily imagine yourself in a secluded resort near the river. It can be very therapeutic to listen to the babbling waters, so adding a waterfall to your pond might be a wise investment if you're the stressful type!

If fish aren't your thing, but gardening is, you could also try your hand at creating your own watergarden. Watergardens delve into the world of the design of wet places and it can be a surprisingly thrilling hobby. Your knowledge and enjoyment will grow as you learn all about plant species and the wildlife they attract. You could have a wide array of birds, dragonflies, turtles, frogs and other wildlife visiting your garden and you'll be able to witness their day to day lives as they each find a home within your watergarden. You'll never need to watch a nature documentary ever again, as it will all be going on in the comfort of your own garden.

Pond installation may sound like a tricky and difficult process, but it's actually a lot simpler than you might think. Most pond kits come with clear and easy to follow instructions allowing you the opportunity to make a family weekend project out of it. From simple tasks for the kids, like filling the pond, to adult work such as spreading the pond liner, there is a job for everyone. Once completed, your backyard pond or water garden will be a source of pride for the entire family as you reflect back on the time you spent together installing it.

With so many advantages and benefits to owning your own backyard pond or watergarden, you'd be crazy not to. They're cost effective, add beauty and value to your home, and are the perfect backyard getaway from the world. Take a walk around your yard today and envision the paradise that awaits with the installation of your pond.


John Olson
Chief Executive Officer
Graystone Industries, Inc.
[email protected]


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