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Automatic Water Fill Box and Valves

Box Style Fill Valve
Model: BFS

    These box style valves replace water lost due to evaproation or small leaks in ponds and Just-A-Falls systems. Mount inside skimmer or the water fill box, which is shown to the right

  • Recommended water pressure 35 psi
  • Includes fitting to connect to 1/2" vinyl tubing
  • Fits in small or large skimmer
  • Measures 7½" long x 3" wide 4" high
Water Fill Box
Model: WFB

    Ideal for auto fills inside ponds, Just-A-Falls systems or formal pools

  • A good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer
  • Provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto fill, 1/2" bulkhead included
  • Sits inside the liner and holds fill valves up to 13" long
  • 1" overflow is included for exact water heights
  • Auto fill valve sold separately
Auto Fill Kit
Model: AF1000
  • Auto Fill Kit maintains consistent water level in water feature.
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