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Atlantic Waterfall Scuppers Operating Manual


Atlantic waterfall scupper manual

Instruction Manual Instructions for the Following:

  • Stainless 12" Scupper - SS12
  • Stainless 24" Scupper - SS24
  • Stainless 36" Scupper - SS36
  • Copper Finish 12" Scupper - CS12
  • Copper Finish 24" Scupper - CS24
  • Copper Finish 36" Scupper - CS36


Atlantic Stainless Steel Waterfall Scupper Operating Manual - Printable PDF Version



Thank you for choosing Atlantic’s Stainless Steel and/or Copper Finished Spillway Scuppers. All Atlantic Scuppers are constructed of 304 stainless steel. Copper finished scuppers have an additional antique copper plating over the stainless steel for a warm traditional look.

Installation Requirements

  • Atlantic Spillway Scuppers are constructed of 304 stainless steel are intended for fresh water use only. Use with Chlorinated pool water or other acidic additives may cause the stainless steel to discolor.
  • Spillway Scuppers are designed for use in Pond-free and fountain applications. Scuppers are not intended for use in water gardens or any pond with plant or aquatic life.
  • Atlantic Spillway Scupper can support 80lbs. per linear foot of evenly distributed weight over the top of the Scupper. (Ex. A 24” Scupper can support 160 lbs.) If the weight of the wall stone and caps above the scupper exceeds the recommended weights limits a lintel must be installed above the scupper to carry the excess load.
  • Atlantic Scuppers are designed to easily install in dry stack garden walls utilizing a standard 4”H x 8”W x 12”L wall block. Although any sized wall block can be used, a 4 x 8 x 12 is ideal as it requires very little alteration when installing the scupper.
Scupper Max. Height Above Basin Flow Rate
SS12 / CS12 24" 1200 GPH
SS24 / CS24 30" 2400 GPH
SS36 / CS36 36" 3600 GPH


The opening in the wall where the Scupper will be placed is important to the function of the scupper. The bottom of the scupper must sit on a flat surface and be fully supported for its entire length. The scupper must be level side to side and front to back to for proper water flow. Installation in a garden wall using 4”H x 8”W x 12”L garden stones is easy because the scupper is also 4” tall. Simply remove the necessary number of wall stones (one, two or three) from the top course of the garden wall and replace them with the Scupper. The scupper should be positioned so that the front of the body is even with the front of the wall. Cut 4” x 4” x 12” filler blocks to complete the wall course and fill the area behind the scupper, leaving a 2 1/2” wide opening in the center to connect the supply line. The scupper is load bearing (80 lbs. per linear foot max) so caps can be placed on top of the Scupper to complete the installation.

Atlantic Stainless steel scupper figure 1

Caution: Be sure to leave access to the scupper in case future maintenance is required. Do not glue or permanently mortar the cap stones that are placed directly over the scupper.

Plumbing the Scupper

Spillway Scuppers have a 1 ½” female threaded inlet located at the center-back of the unit. Connect the plumbing using a 1 ½” male threaded fitting (not included) of your choice. Apply thread sealant or silicone to the threads of the male fitting. Thread the fitting into the inlet by hand until tight and finish off with a half turn from a wrench. Connect the plumbing line from the pump to the Scupper. Minimum 1 ½” I.D tubing is required for optimum water flow.

When plumbing multiple Scuppers off of one pump, run a main feed line along the back of the wall, teeing up to the individual Scuppers. If installing multiple units, it is best to install a ball valve in each line feeding the Scuppers to provide more control over the flow. When running more than one Scupper, the main feed line should be increased to at least 2”.

Atlantic Stainless steel scupper figure 2

If you are installing the Scupper in conjunction with an Atlantic CFBasin Kit, please refer to the installation/ plumbing instructions included with the Basin kit for additional information.


Atlantic Spillway Scupper is a one piece, closed unit with internal baffling to diffuse the water flow. If large debris entering the Scupper becomes lodged, it will be difficult to remove. For this reason, take great care to ensure that large debris in the water is filtered out before reaching the scupper.

Atlantic Spillway Scuppers will not corrode when used in fresh water, however periodic cleaning may be required depending on water conditions. Scuppers with a brushed finish can be cleaned using 3M stainless steel cleaner (available at any home center) and a soft cloth. Copper finished Scuppers can be cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth.


Atlantic Spillway Scuppers are self-draining for easy winterization. When the pump is turned off the water inside the scupper will drain back through the supply line. Ensure that the supply line is fully drained. Remove the pump and store it indoors for the winter. If the Scupper is installed with an Atlantic Colorfalls Basin, please refer to the Basin Kit instructions for proper basin winterization.


Scuppers carry a three-year warranty. This warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser commencing from the date of the original purchase receipt. The warranty is void if this product is used under any condition other than those for which it is specified. This warranty excludes labor/costs of labor for removal or installation of any product.