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How we earned the Atlantic Water Garden Reseller Badge:

  • Resellers who unilaterally decide to fully comply with every provision of this policy are eligible to be named an AWG Certified Reseller and thus to receive a free license to use the AWG certification mark, AWG artwork, and AWG marketing copy.
  • AWG will only supply Certified Resellers.
  • AWG will only recommend Certified Resellers.
  • AWG product warranties apply only to products purchased from AWG Certified Resellers.
  • Resellers will be subject to forfeiture of any license granted by AWG if the reseller is found in non-compliance with any provision of this Policy.

Additional Advantages to Being Certified as an Atlantic Approved Reseller:

  • Atlantic Water Gardens strongly urges potential customers to only purchase from resellers that have the Atlantic Approved Reseller Badge.
  • Atlantic Water Gardens will advise potential customers of the benefits when purchasing from resellers that poses certain credentials.
  • Resellers that have qualified for the Approved Reseller Badge will be permitted to use Atlantic marketing materials and will be offered additional support upon request.


Additional Notes:

  • The Atlantic Approved Reseller Badge may only be issued by Atlantic Water Gardens.
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