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Atlantic Warm White SOL Lights Manual


Atlantic SOL white Led pond light

Includes Models: SOLW2 - SOLW6 - SOLWLR - SOL30X4 - SOLWEXT


Atlantic Warm White SOL Lights Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version



Thank you for purchasing Atlantic SOL Lighting. Atlantic’s SOL lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. These lights work under water and in open air applications to give your water feature a soothing, warming glow after the sun goes down. Multiple LEDs can be connected to be run through one transformer.

Prior to Operation and Installation


  • DO NOT operate this product under any conditions other than those for which it is specified. Failure to observe these precautions can lead to electrical shock, product failure, or other problems.
  • Follow all aspects of electrical codes when installing SOL Lighting.
  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock, connect only to a 110 volt receptacle protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Warm White SOL lights require a 12 volt AC transformer. A Driver is located approximately 6” from the end of the cord and is labeled “DO NOT REMOVE” The Driver converts AC current to DC before it is sent to the LED light. Removing the Driver or tampering with the cords between the Driver and the light fixture will damage the LED and void the warranty. The light can be connected to a larger outdoor lighting system by cutting the cord and stripping the wires, however this must be done on the 12 volt AC input side of the driver.


Fixture Installation
SOL Spotlights offer three different mounting options for your convenience:

  • Adjustable stand: for placement on rock ledges, under waterfalls or for highlighting streambeds
  • Ground stake: for installation around the perimeter of the water feature or in conventional landscape installations
  • Nested: without the stand or stake, amongst the pond stones

The SOL Light Ring is ideal for illuminating fountains and uplighting waterfalls.

  • Proper light placement is important for every project. Whenever possible, lights should be positioned facing away from the viewing area to minimize hot spots.
  • When camouflaging the light cord with rocks and gravel, always leave enough slack in the cord so that the fixture can be raised above water level for servicing.
  • Always verify that the lens cover is tightly secured before submersing the fixture
  • Never cut or shorten the light cord between the Control Module and the light fixture. Altering the light cord will damage the LEDs and void warranty.
  • Extension cords (part # SOLWEXT) are available to add an additional 20’ of cord to any SOL Light. Only one cord can be used on each light. Never connect multiple extension cords together.

Connecting the Lights

Follow the connecting chart below to connect all cables. If more lights are required, multiple splitters can be connected together to create more outlet connections. A larger transformer is required if additional lights are installed.

Atlantic SOL warm white lights Figure 1


Replacement LED Bulbs are available for SOL Spotlights and Compact Spotlights. To loosen and tighten the brass lens ring on SOL Spotlights and Compact Spotlights, use the included key. Simply place the key in the slots on the brass lens ring to loosen or tighten. Ensure that all components are installed correctly after servicing. Inspect the silicone gaskets for defects and proper placement before re-assembling. Ensure that the lens ring is tightly secured before submersing the fixture.

Atlantic SOL warm white lights Figure 2

Atlantic SOL warm white lights Figure 3


All SOL Lighting carries a five-year limited warranty. This limited warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser commencing from the date of the original purchase receipt and is void if any of the following apply:

  • The cord has been cut or altered.
  • The light body / LED components have been misused or abused.
  • The light body / LED components have been disassembled or modified other than as described in this manual.

Troubleshooting Guide

Always turn off power before inspecting the SOL lights. Failure to observe this precaution can result in a serious accident.

Before ordering repairs, carefully read through this instruction booklet. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
LED light will not illuminate No power to outlet
No power to LED
LED is broken / defective
Confirm power to outlet
Check all connections, ensure cord is not cut or damanged
Replace LED bulb