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Atlantic Warm White Hardscape Lights Manual


Atlantic warm white Led hardscape lights

Includes Models: SOLWH06 - SOLWH12 - SOLWSL2


Atlantic Warm White Hardscape Lights Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version



Thank you for purchasing Atlantic SOL Lighting. Atlantic’s SOL Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. These lights work under water and in open air applications to give your water feature a soothing, warming glow after the sun goes down. Multiple LEDs can be connected to be run through one transformer.

Prior to Operation and Installation


  • DO NOT operate this product under any conditions other than those for which it is specified. Failure to observe these precautions can lead to electrical shock, product failure, or other problems.
  • Follow all aspects of electrical codes when installing SOL Lighting.
  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock, connect only to a 110 volt receptacle protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Warm White SOL lights require a 12 volt AC transformer. A Driver is located approximately 6” from the end of the cord and is labeled “DO NOT REMOVE” The Driver converts AC current to DC before it is sent to the LED light. Removing the Driver or tampering with the cords between the Driver and the light fixture will damage the LED and void the warranty. The light can be connected to a larger outdoor lighting system by cutting the cord and stripping the wires, however this must be done on the 12 volt AC input side of the driver.
  • Installation

    Spout Light Installation
    The Spout Light can be installed behind a wall, shining through a wall spout

    Atlantic color changing hardscape figure 1

    (see Figure 1) or under a core-drilled stone or pot (see Figure 2). The light is designed to be installed in any tee that has 1” female threads. If the tee is larger than 1”, a reducing bushing with 1” female threads will be needed. Install the light in the back of the tee, with the light facing the water outlet. Apply a small amount teflon tape or paste to the threads of the light and thread the light into the fitting. Do not use the cord to twist in the light or allow it to become twisted when tightening. You can remove the driver from the cord when pulling it through conduit. Once the cord is through the conduit, reattach the driver before connecting the light to a power source. Failure to reattach the driver will damage the light and void warranty.


    Spout Light Maintenance
    Replacement LED Bulbs are available for SOL Color Changing Spout Lights.

    Atlantic color changing hardscape figure 4

    To loosen and tighten the brass lens ring on SOL Color Changing Spout Lights, use the included key. Simply place the key in the slots on the brass lens ring to loosen or tighten. Ensure that all components are installed correctly after servicing. Inspect the silicone gaskets for defects and proper placement before re-assembling. Ensure that the lens ring is tightly secured before submersing the fixture.

    Hardscape Wall Light Installation

    Hardscape Wall Lights are designed to be installed into walls and columns, just under the capstone. The LED light strip and driver can be replaced without removing the capstone. The cord between the driver connection and the light is approximately 19’, enabling the driver to be left outside of the column or wall for future access (see Figure 3). When laying the base course of stone, either notch the cord into the wall or leave a notch slightly larger than ¾” to pass the cord through. If multiple lights are going to be installed, the notch will need to be slightly larger to accommodate multiple cords. Removing the driver will allow the cord to be pulled through the notch; reattach the driver before connecting the light to a power source. Failure to reattach the driver will damage the light and void warranty.

    Atlantic color changing hardscape figure 2

    When installing the mounting bracket, make sure to notch the stone for the ¼”cord (see Figure 4). Test fit the mounting bracket and cord, so that it does not rock or put too much pressure on the cord. The holes in the bracket are for glue points to hold the capstone and bracket in place. The LED light strip can be replaced without removing the mounting bracket or capstone.

    Hardscape Wall Light Maintenance - Replacing the LED Light Strip

    Atlantic color changing hardscape figure 5

    Make sure that the power is off before attempting to replace the light. Remove the screws on the existing light, being careful not to let the light strip fall, as this could break the plug connecting the light to the cord. Lower the light and squeeze the locking clip; this will allow the plug to be separated. Plug in the new light, making sure the gasket has not moved or shifted and that the notched edge of the light strip is between the two ridges on the cord gasket. Align the screw holes and hand tighten the screws.


    All SOL Lighting carries a five-year limited warranty. This limited warranty is ex- tended solely to the original purchaser commencing from the date of the original purchase receipt and is void if any of the following apply:

    • The cord has been cut or altered between the light body and the Control Module.
    • The light body / LED components have been misused or abused.
    • The light body / LED components have been disassembled or modified other than as described in this manual.

    Troubleshooting Guide

    Always turn off power before inspecting the Color Changing Lights. Failure to observe this precaution can result in a serious accident.

    Before ordering repairs, carefully read through this instruction booklet. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

    Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
    LED light will not illuminate No power to outlet
    No power to LED
    LED is broken / defective
    Confirm power to outlet
    Check all connections, ensure cord is not cut or damaged
    Replace LED bulb