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Atlantic Wall Spout Operating Manual

Atlantic Water Gardens Wall Spout Operating Manual Includes Models:

Atlantic Wall Spout Installation Manual - Printable PDF Version


Thank you for choosing Atlantic’s Wall Spout. Wall Spouts are designed for use in formal water feature applications utilizing an enclosed basin or open basin. They can install easily into most retaining walls. The solid brass construction with oil rubbed bronze finish will provide you with years of lasting enjoyment.

Prior to Operation and Installation

  • DO NOT operate this product under any conditions other than those for which it is specified. Failure to observe these precautions can lead to product failure or other problems.
  • Follow all aspects of electrical codes installing the Wall Spouts. A grounding lug is provided if required by code.
  • Wall Spouts are designed for use in Pond-free, fountain applications, and open basins of water.


Atlantic wall scupper figure 1-2

Use 1½” plumbing to feed each Wall Spout. The required flow rate of each spout is 600 gph. The first thing to consider when plumbing the wall spout is whether or not to light the water from behind. When plumbing without a light, a simple 1½” PVC elbow is required (see Figure 1). If you plan to plumb a light at the back of the wall, a 1½” tee with a 1½”x 1” female threaded bushing should be used (see Figure 2).

Apply teflon tape or paste on the threads, then thread the 1½” Male Thread Adapter (MTA) into the back of the spout (see Figure 3). The MTA will recess into the wall in order to mount the back plate flush against the wall. When possible, dry fit the 1½” PVC pipe through the wall, and cut the pipe to the desired length. If this is not possible, leave enough room in the wall to glue the MTA to the pipe.

Atlantic wall scupper figure 3

It is important that you do not glue the MTA to the pipe first, and then thread the wall spout onto the MTA. Doing it this way may lead to the wall spout being set out of level. If not level, you will be able to make small adjustments to level the spout, but this may not be able to perfectly level it.

When plumbing multiple spouts off of one pump, run a main feed line along the back of the wall, teeing up to the individual spouts (see Figure 4). If plumbing multiple spouts at the same height, individual ball valves are not needed. If the spouts vary in height, it is best to install a ball valve in each line feeding the spouts to provide more control over the flow. When running more than three spouts, the main feed line should be increased to at least 2”.

Atlantic wall scupper figure 4


To clean the interior of the Wall Spout, first turn off the power to the pump to avoid the chance of electrical shock. Remove any large obstructions that may be present and wipe down the interior of the spout with a non-abrasive cloth. Atlantic Colorfalls and Fountain Treatment (Item # CFFT800) can be used to help keep the Wall Spout and the water in your basin clean.


Wall Spouts carry a one-year limited warranty. This limited warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser commencing from the date of the original purchase receipt and is void if any of the following apply:

  • The Wall Spout is installed in a load bearing application.
  • The Wall Spout has been misused or abused.
  • The Wall Spout has been disassembled or modified other than as described in this manual.

This warranty excludes labor/costs of labor for removal or installation of any product.