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Atlantic Pond and Garden Protector Assembly Instructions


Atlantic pond and garden protector

Includes Models: PGPSM, PGPLG


Atlantic Pond and Garden Protector Assembly Manual - Printable PDF Version



Thank you for selecting the Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector. Before using this kit please take a moment to review this manual.

The Pond & Garden Protector can be assembled in an open area away from the water garden. Once assembled, one person can easily lift the Pond & Garden Protector to place it in its final location.

Recommended Use: Designed for leaves and light debris. Not designed to carry heavy snow loads.

Assembly Instructions

Atlantic pond garden protector Figure 1

Step 1:
Spread the Nylon Base out on the ground in the shape of a rectangle. Make sure that the base lays flat and that the sides are not twisted. (Fig.1)



Step 2:
Assemble the fiberglass poles by inserting the male end of one pole into the metal connector of the next. The individual sections of each fiberglass pole are strung together with an elastic cord. This cord holds the sections together once assembled. (Fig. 2)



Step 3:
Place the Center Pole Receptor in the center of the Nylon Base. Insert the male ends of the four poles into each of the four holes in the Pole Receptor. (Fig. 3a) The poles should be pointed toward the four corners of the nylon base. If they do not point toward the corners, rotate the Pole Receptor 90º. (Fig. 3b)


Step 4:
Starting at one corner, insert the end of the pole (with the rubber cap) into the pocket that is sewn into the Nylon Base. Repeat this step for the other three poles. When making the connection at the last corner, lift the pole up as you insert it into the pocket. This will force the center of the structure up to create the dome shape. (Fig. 4)


Atlantic pond garden protector Figure 3


Step 5:
Connect one tie-down to each of the four fiberglass poles. The tie-downs should be attached above the second metal connector on each pole. Hold both ends of one tie- down in one hand and find the center with the other hand. Wrap the rope around the pole and insert the ends through the loop, forming a slip knot. (Fig. 5a) Pull the knot tight. (Fig. 5b) Repeat this step for the other three poles (Remember: tie-downs should be attached above the second metal connector on each pole. Attaching the tie-down above the connector will keep the knot from sliding down the pole.)



Step 6:
Cover the Pond & Garden Protector with the net. (Fig. 6)



Step 7:
Next install two net clips on each pole. Clips should be evenly spaced, two per pole. Begin by installing one clip closest to the Center Pole Receptor under the first metal connector. Pull the excess slack out of the net before you attach the clip. Wrap the clip around the pole and squeeze the clip to fasten (Fig. 7). Repeat this step by securing the second clip on the pole at the bottom of the lower metal connector. Securing the clips on the bottoms of the metal connectors keep them from sliding up.



Step 8:
Place Pond & Garden Protector over the water garden.



Step 9:
Secure the Pond & Garden Protector in place using the tie-downs and the four large tent stakes (Fig. 9). Working from a short side of the rectangular base, pull one of the tie-downs from the pole on the left and one from the pole on the right, to- wards the ground in the middle of the two poles. Drive a tent stake into the ground, pull the excess slack out of the tie-downs and attach the tie-down to the tent stake. Move to the opposite side and repeat. Once the two ends have been secured, the two remaining sides should be secured in the same fashion.



Step 10:
After the Tie Downs have been installed, secure the net using twelve net stakes. Pull the net tight and push the stakes through the holes in the net as shown and into the soil.

The Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector is intended to keep leaves and debris off of the pond and was not designed to carry heavy snow loads. Heavy snow loads may result in collapse of the structure.

Atlantic pond garden protector Figure 4

  • Ultra Pond Net
  • Nylon Base
  • Center Recepto
  • (4) Fiberglass Poles
  • (4) 12’ Tie-downs
  • (4) Ground Stakes
  • (12) Net Stakes
  • (8) Net Clips