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Atlantic FBKIT3 Plumbing Kit Manual


FBKIT3 Basin plumbing kit

Atlantic FBKIT3 Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit Instruction Manual - Printable PDF Version

FBKIT3 Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit Includes:

  • TW2 pump discharge fittings
  • Triton 3-way manifold
  • 20’ of ¾” diameter kink-free hose
  • 3 piece standpipe sealant
  • (3) ¾” insert x ¾” socket fittings
  • (2) 1½” cord stoppers for conduit sleeves


Thank you for selecting the Atlantic Fountain Basin Kit. Before using this kit please take a moment to review this manual.

Atlantic FBKIT3 Basin Plumbing Kit Figure1

Installation Instructions

Step 1:
The above diagram shows the proper installation of the discharge fittings and Triton 3-way manifold when used with the FB4600 Fountain Basin and TidalWave pumps. Discharge fittings are included for the connection of the MD1000/MD1250/MD1500/MD2000 as well as the TW1200/TW1900/TW2400/TW3700/TW4800. If installing the MD1000/1250/1500/2000 the 1” to 1½” adapter fitting included with the pump must be used to accept the 1½” male thread adapter. If installing a TW1200/1900/2400 the threaded coupling that is supplied with the pump must be used to accept the 1½” male thread adapter. If installing a TW3700 or TW4800, the threaded coupling that is supplied with the pump will need to be removed to accept the 1½” female thread adaptor.

This plumbing kit is intended for use with the FB4600 fountain basin. This plumbing kit can be installed with the FB3200 fountain basin, however, the triton 3 way manifold must be installed inside the pump chamber and accessed by removing the pump cover. The FB3200 is supplied with one predrilled hole that will accept a feed line up to 1” in diameter. Additional holes will need to be drilled on site to install this plumbing kit. Drill points have been provided on either side of the factory opening to show the proper location for additional feed lines

Atlantic FBKIT3 Basin Plumbing Kit Figure2

Step 2:
20’ of ¾” non kink tubing is included in this kit. Tubing must be cut to length on site based on the requirement of the installation. Begin by installing one end of the tubing to the outlet of the 3-way manifold that is closest to the center of the basin. Loop the tubing into the first plumbing channel and cut it to the desired length. Insert the barbed end of the ¾” elbow into the open end of the tubing. Repeat this process for the remaining manifold outlets.

Atlantic FBKIT3 Basin Plumbing Kit Figure3

Step 3:
Place the decorative items (urns, columns or drilled boulders) on the fountain basin and position directly over the ¾” elbows. Run the ¾” PVC standpipe (not included) through the decorative item and into the socket end of the ¾” elbow. Seal the opening around the standpipe with the supplied standpipe sealant. Standpipe sealant is an EPDM based product that will remain pliable and can be reused.

Atlantic FBKIT3 Basin Plumbing Kit Figure4

Step 4:
Atlantic’s Pro Series Fountain Basins have recessed pockets that allow 1½” conduit sleeves to be installed within the radius of the basin. This feature allows access to the pump cord and low voltage wiring when surrounding the basin with pavers or other hardscape materials. Two ½” cord stoppers are included to plug the top of the sleeves to prevent gravel and other debris from entering the conduit.