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Atlantic BD2000 Drain Kit Manual

(FITS SKIMMER MODELS: PS4600, 4900, 7000, 9500, 14000, 15000, 20000)


Atlantic BD2000 drain kit

Atlantic BD2000 Bottom Drain Kit Instruction Manual - Printable PDF Version

The BD2000 kit contains all the necessary fittings to properly install a bottom drain. 2” flexible PVC pipe must be furnished by the end user to complete installation.

The bottom drain should be installed in the lowest point of the water garden. When installing a bottom drain in a new pond it is helpful to dig a 4” deep trench from where the bottom drain pipe will enter the pond to the intake screen location. The liner can then be installed and depressed into the trench. The bottom drain pipe can then be nestled in that depression and easily camouflaged with gravel and stone.

Drill-points have been provided on all compatible Skimmer models to show the proper location for the bulkhead fitting. See diagram on the back side of this page. Drill the hole with a 3” hole saw and install the bulkhead following the bulkhead installation instructions found in the instructions that came with your Skimmer.

Install a 2” Male Thread Adapter (MTA) into the bulkhead on the outside of the Skimmer. Be sure to wrap all threaded fittings with thread sealant. Next, glue a 2” elbow to one end of a 12” length of pipe and glue the other end into the MTA with the elbow turned toward the liner. (All pipe lengths may be adjusted to fit your particular application).

Insert, but DO NOT GLUE a short piece of pipe (4” or so) into the open end of the elbow. Use this pipe to determine the exact location to pierce the liner with the bulkhead. Cut a 3” hole in the liner at that location. Install the bulkhead with the rubber gasket inside the pond and the friction washer and retaining nut outside. Once completed, insert a 2” MTA in both ends of the bulkhead. Measure and cut the correct length of pipe to join the MTA on the outside of the liner to the 2” elbow. Glue the pipe in place.

Thread the intake screen onto the 2” threaded street 90° and place the screen in its desired location. Measure for the correct length of pipe to join the 90° to the MTA that you installed in the pond side of the bulkhead. Cut and glue the pipe into both fittings.

Thread the pipe nipple into the bulkhead inside the Skimmer. Slip the gate valve onto the pipe end of the nipple. DO NOT GLUE this connection. Not gluing this connection gives you the ability to remove and service the gate valve if necessary.

Cover the drain pipe inside the pond with stone and gravel to complete installation.

BD2000 kit figure 1