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Atlantic Auto Fill Kit Operation Manual


Atlantic af1000 autofill kit

Model: AF1000


Atlantic AF1000 Auto Fill Kit Operation Manual - Printable PDF Version


Atlantic’s Auto Fill Kit is designed to maintain the correct level of water in your fountain basin, water garden, pond-free waterfall or other type of water storage unit.

Labeled drill points have been provided for the proper Auto Fill location on all Atlantic products (see the products’ installation manuals for drill point specifications). If you are using any non-Atlantic product, the Auto Fill must be positioned in an area free of obstructions so the float can travel up and down. The center point of the Auto Fill should be located 1 ½” to 2” above the normal operating water level.

Once you have determined the location of the Auto Fill, drill a 7/8” hole using a spade bit or hole saw. Insert the Auto Fill, making sure the gasket is on the water side of the unit, and the plastic retaining nut is on the outside. Thread the retaining nut onto the Auto Fill Valve, being careful not to over-tighten.

The Auto Fill Kit includes fittings for connection to a garden hose, ½” irrigation line, and ½” Sch 40 PVC. Wrap the ½” male threads on the Auto Fill with thread sealant and install the fitting of your choice. Once water is supplied to the Auto Fill it will maintain the set water level by automatically adding water when the level drops. This level can be adjusted by loosening the wing nut and raising and lowering the height of the Auto Fill float.

Atlantic auto fill kit Figure 1