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Aquarium & Hydroponics Air Pumps

Hydroponic and Aquarium Air Pumps

Air pumps have different uses in aquariums and hydroponic applications and can help improve oxygen saturation when used with air-driven devices. Air pumps are also necessary to power certain filters and other accessories like air stones and ornaments.

Case quantity available for the MA-100 and MA-200 pumps. You will be able to select case quantity once you click "ADD TO CART" button.
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MA-80 Pump for Hydroponics and Aquariums Under 10 Gallons
Single unit Price MA-80 Pump $9.99
Out of Stock
MA-100 Pump for Hydroponics and Aquariums up to 10-25 Gallons
Single unit Price MA-100 Pump $10.99
In Stock
MA-200 Pump for Hydroponics and Aquariums up to 30 Gallons
Single unit Price MA-200 Pump $11.99
In Stock