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AquaMaster 13v LED 4 Light Kit for 1/2HP Master Series Fountains

AquaMaster 13v LED 4 Light Kit for 1/2HP Master Series Fountains
Night Glow Lighting System
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Item Condition: New
Part Number:EP-AQL4-13
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An AquaMaster floating fountain is even more dramatic at night with the addition of a Night Glow Lighting System. Available with 75, 150 or 250 watt fixtures for beautiful displays.

AquaMaster Light Kit
  • All lights operate at line voltage (115v) no transformer needed
  • All kits included stainless steel housings and quick disconnect power cable
  • All necessary electrical controls installed in fountain control panel including timer, GFI protection is standard
  • Optional sequencer photo cell also available
  • First 50' of #14 power cable included (see the chart below for maximum #14 distance)
  • For longer distances require #12 cable
  • Light kits come standard with clear lenses, colored lenses can be substituted at time of order if desired in amber, blue, red, green or turquoise
  • Three Year Warranty
AquaMaster Light Kit


Maximum Power Cable Lengths
Part # Style Recommended
# of Lights/
Maximum #14
Cable Length
AQL2-13 LED 1/2 2/13 5-1/2" .2 5400'
AQL3-13 LED 1/2 3/13 5-1/2" .3 3600'
AQL4-13 LED 1/2 4/13 5-1/2" .4 2600'
AQL3-22 LED 1-5 3/22 6-3/4" .7 1600'
AQL4-22 LED 1-5 4/22 6-3/4" .9 1200'

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