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Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Pressurized Filter 6000 Gallon Pond Max

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Pressurized Filter 6000 Gallon Pond Max
Aqua Ultima II Bio-Tube Pressurized Filter AA60
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  • Aqua UV is backordered on all filter sizes and can provide no estimate of when they will be available.

Aqua Ultraviolet is a brand name. The pressurized filters they provide do not have UV lights in them. A UV light can be added inline AFTER the pressurized filter if desired. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ultima Filters are superior to bead filters because of their patented bio-tube media which does not clump together like beads do. No need for a blower for back washing. Patented Bio-Tube Filter media has an extremely high surface area (one cubic foot of media has 750 square feet of surface area) for maximum filtration. This lightweight, non-clogging media is seeded with natural bacteria for quick filter start up after installation.
Aqua Ultraviolet ultima II bio-tube filters

Aqua Ultima II Bio-Tube Filters Features:

  • Super easy to backwash - never get your hands wet
  • Unique filter media allows for high flow rates with minimal back pressure
  • Compact filter can be buried in ground (up to control head) for easy hiding when used as a pond filter

Aqua Ultima II AA60 Filter Recommendations :

  • For bodies of water from 4000 to 6000 Gallons
  • Optimal flow rate: 6000 GPH
  • Minimum flow: 3000 GPH
  • Maximum flow: 7500 GPH
  • Pump: Optimal flow 6000 GPH at 10' of head. Direct drive self priming pumps recommended.

Part # Max
Pond Size (Gal)
Lbs of Fish
GPM Flow
Outlet Size
Filter Size
Ht. x Dia.
AA60 6000 Gal 525 80 2" 41"H x 23"D


Aqua Ultraviolet ultima II bio-tube filters

Difference between a Ultima II and a Bead Filter

Bead filters use raw pellets

Bead filter manufactures just take these inexpensive pellets and load them into a filter body as is. The wax based plastic and smooth shape encourages clumping which is an inherent problem in bead filters. Some bead filter owners have been forced to backwash every day to prevent this clumping. When the beads stick together, water and waste pass around the large mass making much of the beads surface inaccessible. This allows untreated ammonia and solids to pass right through and return to the pond.

Ultima Media is specifically designed to support aquatic life

Using non wax based plastic Aqua Ultraviolet extrudes a patented media with the highest surface area of any on the market. The small tubular design has ridges on the outside and a cross section on the inside increasing bio surface area and preventing clumping. The ridged design helps to create a dense bed for superior trapping of solids that is easily separated during the backwash.

How can the Ultima II filters be smaller than bead filters and handle more fish

The Ultima II patented media design has 800 cubic feet of surface area per square foot. This is the highest surface area of any product on the market. The high surface area means less volume of media is needed so the filter itself can be smaller.

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