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American Pond 128oz Super Liquid Barley Straw Extract Treats 128000 Gallons

American Pond 128oz Super Liquid Barley Straw Extract Treats 128000 Gallons
128 oz. American Pond Barley-Extract Super Liquid Pond Treatment
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Barley-Extract Super Liquid Pond Treatment

American Pond Barley-Extract Liquid Water Treatment

Benefits of using American Pond Barley Straw Extract:

  • 128 oz Treats 128,000 Gallons
  • The worlds first pharmaceutical grade barley extract!
  • Most extracts on the market are a 1:5ratio water to barley straw, at best.
  • Our Super Liquid Extract is 5times stronger 1:1ratio
  • 1 pound straw to 1 gallon of water!
  • Not just a 1:1 ratio of several week old soaked straw like most products, we use a pharmaceutical grade standardized extraction process which is unique in the pond industry.
  • Our process creates the most complete spectrum of concentrated Barley Straw Phyto-chemical extracts available!! It is these Phyto-chemical compounds that make Barley extracts do the job in a pond and water-garden environment!!
  • Fully utilize the powerful balancing and degrading power of all natural Barley Straw without the excessive nutrient load that comes from pellets and bales!
  • Naturally reduces build-up in problem areas.
  • Free Shipping

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