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AlgaWay 5.4 Algaecide Algae Control 2.5 Gallon and Cygnet Activator Gallon - EPA Registered

AlgaWay 5.4 Algaecide Algae Control 2.5 Gallon and Cygnet Activator Gallon - EPA Registered
Microbe-Lift Algaway 2.5 Gallons and Cygnet Activator Gallon Combo
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Microbe-Lift AlgaWay 5.4 Algae Control

AlgAway 5.4 Algaecide Ideal Treatment for String Algae

  • Controls algae growth and eliminates green water in ponds
  • This product is safe for use with fish and plants (not snails, shrimp and crustaceans)
  • Keeps your water surface clear and beautiful
  • For ponds with heavy algae groth, first clean off excess algae from the sides of the pond and any ornaments or water features - then add one cap full per 60 gallons of water for complete algae treatment
  • When treating a pond with fish be sure it is well aerated
  • Application rate: 320 oz treats 113,560 gallons

Activator - Cygnet Plus

  • Part#: CK2 - 1 Gallon
  • Cygnet Plus is a liquid additive for use along with liquid herbicides and algaecides to enhance effectiveness
  • The surfactant in these products eliminated beading, providing a uniform spray solution. This ensure maximum contact with the plant's foliage. The low viscosity oil in these products breaks down the waxy coating on leaf surfaces for improved penetration and coverage.
  • Use 3oz. per gallon of water

If a state on the list is selected in error but you request shipping to an unapproved state we must legally cancel your order and will refund in full.

EPA registered products restrict the shipment into the following states:

  • California (CA) Cygnet not allowed
  • Idaho (ID) Cygnet not allowed
  • Rhode Island (RI) Algaway not allowed
  • Washington (WA) Cygnet not allowed
  • Products can be bought from within the above restricted states but not shipped in.

No products can be shipped into Canada. Canadian law requires different labeling and registration. US labeled chemicals cannot ship into Canada.

Permits may be required to apply this product. Consult appropriate local agencies for more information.

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