One of the benefits of working with a Pond Supply company, rather than purchasing off a sales platform like Amazon, is the ability to work directly with a pond professional. Not only can a dedicated pond company assist you in the selection of the right products to build your water feature they can also help trouble shoot issues your pond may be experiencing. In our first case study of 2019 we were faced with a non traditional Koi pond made from a stock tank. The pond was experiencing extreme algae growth. It had a combination filter and UV and a submersible pump and very small waterfall. The case study below sheds insight into how issues in a non traditional pond may be addressed.


Notes sent from customer in addition to phone conversation:

  1. Would like to get rid of this green stuff
  2. This is how my pond gets in the summer
  3. The uv light is built into the filter it's a 13 watt bulb
  4. I believe it's a sunsun pressure filter with the UV light built in

Working Notes: Customer has not changed UV bulb for considerable amount of time. (UV bulbs last a max of about 2000 hours and often less). Pump and spillway placed too close together. UV light in the past has been masking water quality issue which is allowing string algae to grow on surface areas. (A UV light only treats the water that passes through it. It does not eliminate the cause of the algae growth so the algae then returns as string algae which does not pass through the light)

An aeration system combined with beneficial bacteria is needed. (Bacteria alone would work but grows faster with high oxygen levels)

Customer Resolution Message:
Good morning!

I wanted to compliment you on the great job transforming that tank into an attractive looking pond. The landscaping around it really adds to its appeal.

To eliminate the algae and water quality problem with your tank pond I will suggest the following.

1. Take out the pressure filter and clean it while removing the expired UV bulb. Determine the replacement bulb needed and order from a supplier who carries that brand. Rinse out the biological filter media inside the filter. Do not use chlorinated water or any cleaning chemicals. If your water supply is chlorinated then rinse the media out using existing pond water.

NOTE: Do not allow the biological media to dry out. Once the gunk has been rinsed off place it back in the canister and fill with pond water. You will want to keep any beneficial bacteria colonies alive.

2. You will want to get a longer tube and place the pump on the opposite side of the pond from the waterfall. Right now it appears that you are treating the same small area of water over and over while the far reaches of the tank remain with very little circulation.

3. Perform a full tank clean out and remove all algae clinging to the bottom and walls.

4. Once you have done the clean out and refilled the pond you will want to start a regiment of beneficial bacteria. I would suggest an initial double dose followed by another 3 days later. After than you can go to a normal dose once a week unless you begin to see water quality issues. If a problem occurs you can increase the dosage until issue is resolved.

I suggest this bacteria: 32 oz dry regular strength bacteria -

5. Adding aeration to the pond provides a double benefit. First, it circulates the water from top to bottom. Second, adding oxygen to the pond will cause the colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow at a vastly accelerated rate. The more healthy and abundant your pond bacteria colonies are the better your water quality will be and the less chances you have of future issues.

I would suggest looking at the aeration systems below.

You initially asked about the new EasyPro CAS2 or CAS4 system. These are new items so I do not have sales history to determine customer satisfaction. They are inexpensive systems without a lot of power but they would provide oxygen to the pond.

CAS2 - I would be hesitant to recommend this size due to the fish load you have in the tank. -

CAS4 - This allows 4 diffusers to be placed around the pond tank. Since each diffuser is fairly low flow this will help keep circulation and aeration across the tank. -

For a high quality, long lasting, and higher quality system, you may wish to consider the LA1. While it comes with only 1 diffuser it is 8 inches and provides 1.3 cubic foot per minute air flow which is capable of aerating up to 7500 gallons of water. This would allow you to continue to overstock the pond while giving the pond the very best chance of remaining clean and clear through the season. -

6. To get you off to a good start just enter the code John10 into the shopping cart for a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

Thanks again and we look forward to assisting you further,


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