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Pond Filters and Media

Biological Pond Filters remove debris and scrub the water clear of excessive nutrients. Sometimes referred to as Water Garden Filters, Pond Bio Filter, or Waterfall Filter, this item is a must for any fish pond or Watergarden to ensure a healthy and clean pond. These pond filters are available in several styles and price ranges to meet any budget.

Let us know if we may answer any pond filter related questions. We have a lot of experience installing these filter falls units and would be happy to make a pond filter recommendation for your pond or water garden project.

Biological Pond Filters and Waterfall

Do it yourself Pond FilterFalls
Atlantic Do it Yourself Pond FilterFalls

EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Filters-Prelude, Sonata, Melody and Symphony
EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Filters

Pondmaster ProLine Professional Biological Filter and Falls
Pondmaster ProLine Pro Biological Filter and Falls
Professional Pond FilterFalls
Atlantic Heavy Duty Professional
Pond FilterFalls

EasyPro Aquafall Filters
EasyPro Professional/Commercial Aquafalls/Waterfall Filters

Savio Livingponds Filter
Savio LivingPond Filters and Filter Weirs
Pump filter uV fountain combo
EasyPro Submersible Pump / Filter / UV Combo

Matala bio steps filters
Matal Bio-Steps Pond Filters for Ponds Upto 2700 Gallons


Accessories for Atlantic's Waterfall Filters

Atlantic Back Flush Kit for Pro Series FilterFalls
Atlantic Back Flush Kit for Pro Series FilterFalls
Matala Filter Kit coarse/medium/fine filter mats Waterfall Filter
Matala Filter Kit Atlantic Pro FilterFalls
Replacement Matala Filter Mats Set of 2 Waterfall Filter
Set of 2 Replacement Matala Filter Mats Atlantic FilterFalls
Top Grate Replacement for FilterFalls
Top Grate Replacement for Atlantic FilterFalls
Bottom Grate Replacement for FilterFalls
Bottom Grate Replacement for Atlantic FilterFalls


Pressurized Filters

EasyPro Pressurized Filters Optional UV
EasyPro Pressurized Filters with Optional Built-in UV Clairfier
Pondguard Clearguard Filters UV
Pondmaster Clearguard Pond Filters with UV
OASE Pond Filter with UV
OASE FiltoClear Pond Filters with Integrated UV Clarifier
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Bio-Tube Filters
AQUA Ultraviolet Ultima II Bio-Tube Filtration Systems
EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters
EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters Mechanical and Biological Filtration



Matala Biological Prefilter
Matala Biological Prefilter Use on All Brands of Mag Drive & External Pumps
Pondmaster Pre-Filters Small and Large
Pondmaster Pre-Filter
Small, Large and Rigid
PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps
Rio Pre-Filters & Foam Filter
Pondmaster PM 1000 Filter
Pondmaster 500, 1000, 2000 Filter Units
Pondmaster Floating Skimmer Filter System
Pondmaster Floating Skimmer Filter System
Pump Buddy
Pump Buddy
EasyPro Suction Stainer
1.5", 2" and 3" External Pump Suction Strainers
Pondmaster Pump Bags


Filter Media

EasyPro Bio-Filter Media
Biological Pond Filter Media
Matala Filtration Media Mats
Matala Filtration Media Mats
Pond Filter Media
Pond Filter Media
Replacement Helix Skimmer Pad
Replacement Round Matala Pad for Helix Skimmers
Replacement Media Net
Replacement Media Net


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