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American Pond Pond Kit
American Pond
Pond Kit
On 11-11 HGTV featured the American Pond Kit on their "Don't Sweat It" edition. Across America viewers were able to see the ease of installation and the beauty of a backyard pond using the American Pond system. Thanks America and Thank You HGTV!

A Naturally Healthy Lifestyle

Stress free life through a backyard pond

According to leading koi fish vets in the US today when koi are forced to live under stressful conditions, (poor water quality, overcrowding, under or overfeeding) the effectiveness of their immune system deteriorates which leaves them susceptible to pathogens in the water which cause disease. In other words the cause of most fish disease is STRESS!

Stress and Your Fishís Immune System

So as the quality of life in the fish pond improves, the stress on your koi fish is reduced. And as the stress is reduced, the fishís immune system becomes stronger, more effective, and more capable of fending off disease. In short, healthy koi fish are natural by-products of less stressful pond conditions. Itís about that simple.

Stress and Your Own Immune System

Interestingly enough, this exact same formula holds true for the human species as well. This means that as stress in our lives increases, our immune system deteriorates just like the fish. And the less effective our immune system becomes, the more susceptible we become to disease.

The moral of this part of the story is healthy humans are products of low stress environments just exactly like the fish living in your beautiful fish pond. As proof of this fact consider that we stressed out humans suffer more heart attacks on Monday morning than any other time of the week, which has everything to do with going back to a stressful job after a relaxing weekend.

The Relaxing Water Gardening Lifestyle

With all that said letís recognize that one of the primary goals for most water garden enthusiasts is to reduce the stress in their own lives, to relax more and to work less, while sitting alongside a beautiful fish pond complete with the soothing sounds of a back yard waterfall, and a laughing, gurgling stream running into an awaiting fish pond.

If youíre like most fish pond and water garden lovers, you look forward to going out to the backyard, sitting down in your favorite chair, putting your feet up on the coffee table, clasping your hands behind your neck, and taking a big long deep breath of relaxation. The mere act of relaxing and breathing deeply is incredibly healthy. Itís a natural antidote to the stressful 21st century workday that revitalizes your immune system, helps you fend off disease, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Life alongside the garden pond is good.


John Olson
Chief Executive Officer
Graystone Industries, Inc.




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