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American Pond Pond Kit
American Pond
Pond Kit
On 11-11 HGTV featured the American Pond Kit on their "Don't Sweat It" edition. Across America viewers were able to see the ease of installation and the beauty of a backyard pond using the American Pond system. Thanks America and Thank You HGTV!

Magnetic Drive Pond Pumps

The best benefit of magnetic drive pumps is the extremely low power consumption. Small pumps in the 40-200 GPH flow range often will consume only 2-10 watts. Larger magnetic drive pumps in the 1000-1300 GPH range average more towards 80-120 watts. Additionally these pumps are designed for continuous operation and will often last 5-7 years or more especially when run 24/7. Low purchase prices, extremely low operating costs, and the small sizes of these pumps make them a near perfect choice for statuary fountains and smaller water gardens. Read More...
Magnetic Drive and Asynchronous Energy Saving Pumps
Best Selling Magnetic Drive Pond & Waterfall Pumps
Anjon Flood Pumps
Anjon Flood Pump - Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pumps

Anjon Monsoon Pumps
Anjon Monsoon Pump

EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive Pump
EasyPro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pumps
Little Giant Pond and Fountain Pumps
Little Giant Mag-Drive Pond Pump and Statuary Fountain Pumps
Popular Magnetic Drive Pond & Waterfall Pumps
EasyPro Large Mag Drive Pump
EasyPro Large Magnetic Drive Pumps

Little Giant Flex Pond Pumps FP1, FP2, FP3, FP6, FP9
Little Giant Flex Pump - 5 Year Warranty

Big-Frog Eco-Drive Pond Pump
NEW - Big Frog Eco-Drive Pond & Waterfall Pump
PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps
PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps
Fountain and Pond Pumps
Atlantic Water Garden Tidal Wave Mag Drive Pumps
Atlantic TidalWave Mag Drive Pumps

TidalWave2 Hybrid Energy Saving Magnetic Drive Pumps
Atlantic TidalWave2 Hybrid Energy Saving Mag Drive Pumps

Pondmaster Hy-Drive Pond Pumps
PondMaster ProLine Hy-Drive Pond Pumps
ProEco SP Series Pond Pump
ProEco Hybrid Pond, Waterfall, Stream and Fountain Pump

Little Giant Wet Rotor Pond Pumps
Little Giant F-Series Wet Rotor Inline or Submersible

Less Popular Magnetic Drive Pond & Waterfall Pumps
Cal Hybrid Mag Drive Pump
CAL Hybrid Mag Drive Pumps

Hurricane Pumps
Alpine Hurricane Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pumps
Alpine Cyclone Hybrid Magnetic drive Waterfall pumps
Alpine Cyclone Hybrid Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pumps


Pump Accessories
Atlantic Tidalwave Pump Protector
Atlantic TidalWave Pump Protector
Easypro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filters
Easypro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filters
Carry Pump Intake Screens and HornsCarry Pump Intake Screens and Horns
Carry Pump Intake Screens and Horns
Easypro External Pump Strainer Basket
Easypro External Pump Strainer Basket
universal strainer basket
Universal Strainer Basket for External Pumps
Easypro Low Water Pump Shut Off
Easypro Low Water Pump Shut-Offs
Easypro Submersible Pump Screens
Easypro Submersible Pump Screens
Submersible Pump Sock
Submersible Pump Sock


Fountain Pumps and Supplies
For Fountain pump need such as Rio Pumps, Accesories and Replacements Parts, Viaaqua Pumps, Accesories and Replacements Parts, Danner MFG, and much more, visit our Fountain Pumps and Supplies page.


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