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American Pond Pond Kit
American Pond
Pond Kit
On 11-11 HGTV featured the American Pond Kit on their "Don't Sweat It" edition. Across America viewers were able to see the ease of installation and the beauty of a backyard pond using the American Pond system. Thanks America and Thank You HGTV!

ABC covers Ponditat For Humanity ‘09

This past weekend saw the IPPCA and close to a dozen of its Topgun Contractor Members from all over the country completing the fourth annual humanitarian Ponditat For Humanity™ Pond Renovation project in Lexington, Kentucky. Contractors from as far as New York, Nebraska, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and California were present at the event. Local ABC Channel 36 covered the event on both the first and last day while this $20,000.00 estimated value project was done.

This year’s recipient, The Ashland Terrace retirement home in Lexington, Kentucky had their failing and leaking high maintenance water feature totally rebuilt, updated and expanded with state of the art equipment. IPPCA supporters and members such as Danner Manufacturing, Firestone Specialty Products, Easy Pro Manufacturing, Atlantic Water Gardens, American Pond, Graystone Creations, Aquatic Logic, Winston Products, Aqua Control, Ewing Irrigation, Fielding Pumps, Enviroscapes, and the Dow Chemical Company graciously supplied all the hardware and equipment for this unique event. Local suppliers H2O Designs and Tracy Rock and Gravel supplied additional materials as well.

Some of the meals for attendees were supplied by Ashland Terrace, but several area restaurants wished to contribute as well. Taco Bell and Texas Roadhouse as well as the smoked, whole hog roast donated by local farmer Tim Ellis on Saturday to cap the event were all donated and was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all who attended. A special thank you to the Courtyard Marriot for the discounted rooms for these hard working contractors.

The Pond’s current aquatic residents were temporarily housed on site in several large aerated tanks until the three day scheduled build was completed by noon on Saturday, the 27th and could be returned to their new and vastly improved and enlarged home, complete with a large cave. The eight large Koi and close to three dozen Goldfish went immediately into explore and appreciation mode when returned to their new pond.

Local Lexington, Kentucky ABC affiliate Channel 36 actually captured and aired footage of goldfish jumping and swimming up the last waterfall and stream area entering the pond, as well as considerable footage of the actual construction underway. The station aired coverage at their noon broadcast on day one, Thursday, with a follow up Saturday night on all three broadcasts at 6, 10 and 11. Thank you for the great coverage yet again by ABC and its local affiliates, making it 4 out of 4 years for televised and major media coverage of these events.



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