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EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Skimmers Installation Manual


easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure1

EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Skimmer Installation Instructions for Models: PS4E, PS6E, PS10E


EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Skimmer Installation Manual - Printable PDF Version


Layout the pond. Position the skimmer opposite your waterfall for best skimming action, preferably in a corner where there will be extra liner.

easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure1
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure2

Dig a pocket for the skimmer on the edge of the pond. Over dig the pocket by at least 4" in all directions to ensure plenty of room for the skimmer.

Level the pocket in all directions. Establish the water level for the pond, then the proper placement and height for the skim- mer.

easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure3
The skimmer should be set so the ideal water level is 1" below the top of the skimmer face plate window (see letter A). This allows for fl uctuation of the water up and down. These measurements are from the base of the skimmer, up to the surface water level. The measure- ments at right should be followed when excavating the pocket.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure4


easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure5

Before installing the underlayment, be sure to check over the pond bottom really well to get rid of any sharp rocks, sticks or any other object that could puncture the liner.

Carefully install the protective underlayment. Work the wrinkles out of the bottom of the pond. Lay folds fl at against the side wall. Repeat for the liner. Again, work the wrinkles out of the pond floor. Lay the liner neatly in the pocket for the skimmer.


easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure6
Set the Eco-Series skimmer in the pocket. Double check to make sure it is level in all directions. Stack a few courses of stones up the front of the skimmer to lock it in place and prevent movement during the back filling process.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure7
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure8
Fold the liner and un- derlayment back towards the pond, to reveal the void spaces created when digging the skimmer pocket. Back- fi ll around the skimmer with soil in 4" to 6" increments. Compact the soil around the skimmer using the end of the shovel or a 2 x 4.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure9
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure10

Finish stacking stones up the front of the skim- mer. Place the stones on the horizontal ledges to help lock in the skimmer. Use stone to conceal the skimmer door opening.

Hook up the check valve assembly to the pump and install the pump in the skimmer. Hook up the fl ex pipe to the check valve assembly. Install the fi lter mat divider and the leaf basket into the skimmer. Plug the pump into a GFCI protected outlet. Place the cover on top, and enjoy.


Pond maintenance begins and ends at the skimmer. 90% of debris is wind blown or falls from trees.

Capturing surface debris before it becomes water logged and settles to the bottom of the pond lessens clean-outs, eliminates decomposing matter, lightens the load on your Bio fi lter, keeps water clearer and prevents discolored water. A surface skimmer helps eliminate area’s where diseases, anaerobic bacterias and pathogens thrive.

easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure11


easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure11
Shut off pump prior to cleaning skimmer. Remove the cover to expose the clean out area.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure13
Empty the leaf basket on a weekly basis, more often if needed. In the Fall, skimmer may need to be cleaned daily. Leaf basket must stay clean to allow water into pump to prevent over- heating the pump.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure14
Spray out the leaf basket to get rid of decomposed material
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure15
Slowly lift out the fi lter mat. Do this slowly and carefully to retain the most debris on the mat.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure16
Spray off the filter mat. Do not rinse 100% clean, you want to leave the some bacteria on the mat.
easypro ecoseries pond skimmer figure17
Add a maintenance dose of bacteria to help seed the skimmer mat.