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Savio UVinex Clarifiers

No plumbing knowledge required, the modular design allows for easy installation. This integrated approach costs less than buying a separate standalone component and is easier to maintain. The new twist and lock feature allows for easier installation with a twist feature on the socket that grips the bulb and holds it in place as the screw ring is tightened down. This new feature makes it easier and more secure for contractors and pond owners to maintain the Savio UVinex system clarifying their water feature.
Savio UVinex Clarifier System

The best way to eliminate free floating algae:

  • A natural and safe approach to control all types of unwanted algae.
  • When properly used these UVinex systems also assist in the control of parasites and bacteria. Providing clear, clean, safe, pristine water. Great when there are small children and pets around!
  • A great product that assists in making your water feature one step closer to a maintenance free existence.
  • Durable coated bulb technology
  • No quartz sleeves to break
  • Simple plug 'n play installation
  • 20' power cord
  • increases the effectiveness of your filtration system
  • New Stainless Steel Contruction
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Savio 18 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Savio 18 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Your Price: $198.45
Savio 26 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Savio 26 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Your Price: $218.93
Savio 50 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Savio 50 Watt Uvinex Clarifier
Your Price: $314.21
UVinex 18 Watt Clarifier UVinex 26 Watt Clarifier UVinex 50 Watt Clarifier
  • Model: SUV018
  • For compact Skimmerfilters
  • Up to 2,500 gallon ponds
  • Maximum pump flow 2,000 gph
  • Model: SUV026
  • Up to 3,000 gallon ponds
  • Use one 26 Watt UV Clarifier
  • Maximum pump flow 2,500 gph
  • Model: SUV050
  • Up to 5,000 gallon ponds
  • Use one 50 Watt UV Clarifier
  • Maximum pump flow 4,750 gph


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